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Take ME Out to the Ballgame?

*Warning: may contain content offensive to some. Some Yankee haters. Yeah, you know who you are. Fuggedaboutid if you plan to flame! ______________________________________________________________________ Those of you that know me, know that I am not real big on organized sports. I only had sisters, none of whom are athletic, it was before Title IX, and my Dad only played golf, but also monopolized the TV at night with sports, so I grew to hate them. Other than fooling around with a tennis racquet once in a awhile and watching Wimbledon, I could live very happily for the rest of my life... Read more →

Buon Compleanno Principessa!

23 it possible? Must be, cause that's what the cake said! La Principessa is enjoying the sun and surf down south, but before she left, we celebrated with food, cause that's what The Pomegranates do. The Empress, The Princess, and The Teen! The food was lovely - Mr. Pom's plate is gorgeous, no? I could eat....... And so we did! Love to you, our oldest, first, and beautiful girl. Read more →

The Yellow Boat

I was ready to write to you all about lots of picture-laden stuff. But now my camera is out of batteries and with the new technology of rechargeable batteries (hey, it's new at our house!), I have to wait until the batteries recharge instead of running out to CVS for some new ones. Isn't that a beautiful photo? Mr. Pom snapped it on our last day on the Cape. The color is not retouched. It was just a beautiful, yellow dinghy waiting for us to take its picture in the sunset. It was a simple, grace-filled moment. I was too... Read more →

Back to .... Stinkin' Normal

I did it. I walked the gangplank and went back to work. Does this qualify as a gangplank? I hope so, cause it's all I got. How was it? Thanks for asking. First two days I read 500 emails, marveled at how good I felt, and then mentally melted into a puddle after 2:00 p.m. Anyone who asked me any questions after that point, I would smile and wave generally in their direction, making them think that maybe I had my hearing impaired by whatever the reason was for my medical leave. That's the greatest part about my office. We... Read more →

One Down, Three To Go

I finished one of the 4 art projects I have to complete in the next few weeks. Phew! At the last minute, I put it up in my room, looked at it from across the room, and realized I had screwed up the skirt of the figure and one side was considerably longer than the other. Panic set in. Various options were true. All sucked. Consider suicide. Went out and ate tilapia with the family at a pizzeria. Simple and ingenious solution came to me. Got out scissors and paper. Done. I'd show you, but then I'd have to kill... Read more →


I thought I'd show you a photo of my house. But I could only find a picture of this house. Which we do not own. No, this house is what we would own if we won the lottery. Of if I wrote a best seller. The former is probably more likely than the latter. I don't know if it's the cooler weather or a reaction to returning to work, but I suddenly had an inspired idea for redecorating our dining room. I'll blame it all on Country Living UK September issue. I've been a devotee of shelter mags for 25... Read more →


Things piling up on you? September often catches us unawares. One minute, you're throwing your sun hat and a pile of books in the car, the next minute, you're throwing an umbrella and briefcase in the same. A girl could feel trapped. Our first impulse is to sail away, dipping our paddle in the cooling waters of yesterday to skim over all that lies beneath. But it's time. Dive into the thicket. Hold your breath and just plunge in. That massive chokehold of must-do's can be separated into frail, brittle sticks. A few exertions of time and energy and that... Read more →

Books Books Books

I go through long stretches where I can't find any fiction to read that I like. Seems like all I see all over Borders is chick lit and best sellers and neither is especially entertaining. My Cape Cod vacations are judged successful according to how many times I can get to my favorite independent bookstores and I feel a literary duty to support them because, god forbid, they're not there next summer when I need them. This year, I was especially helpful in assisting them in staying afloat. I am nothing if not altruistic. Best book of the summer: Birds... Read more →

Siren Song

So hard to leave, isn't it, summer's golden shores? My footprints chase the seagulls and then stop to examine the carapace of a crab, a long white feather entangled in the wrack, and stones that glint like underwater jewels. Surely there are afternoons left for walking across the tidal flats and letting the sand crabs stand at alert as we approach? On the other side of the sandbar is water as clear and warm as the Bahamas and there's no one to laugh at my middle aged self as I sit with up to my neck and giggle and laugh... Read more →