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First off, you are all loving and generous and kind and I appreciate each and every one of your comments. You bring a smile to my face and perk me up just by knowing that you are out there reading and saying to yourself, "Ah, she'll be fine tomorrow!" For those of you new to this blog, I also write a column on art and creativity for Cloth, Paper, Scissor magazine, entitled, "The Artist's Journey." Every other month, I pen an essay about creativity as it intertwines with my life and I create a piece of artwork to illustrate the... Read more →

The Underside of Things

It isn't that it happened, what took me by surprise, it's that it took this long to happen. I've been on a playful ride since fall, my energy fueled by the sweet darkening of the days and the playful illumination of lights. I haven't sighed once for other seasons, nor rued the grayness or the chill. My home with the sloping eaves seemed to fit my mood like a glove and I drew a circle around me with candles and throws and books and movies and frequent trips to the city to balance all the nesting. Is it the ripping... Read more →

I'm thinking of getting one of these. Don't know where I'd drive it since I have a highway commute to work, but don'cha think it would be cute for those summer evening spins up to Starbucks? The measure of my coffee addiction would be whether I could drive it whilst chugging a cappuccino. The weekend was very full. Friday night I pulled myself out of the toxic odor stupor and went right from work to get The Teen and we went to The Dreaded Mall. (Only dreaded by me, you understand.) We bought her a dress for a Sweet Sixteen... Read more →

Under the Radar/Over the Top

I really just try to do my job. I rarely venture out from my office except to speak to the people I work with. You hardly ever see me sitting in someone's office shooting the breeze. I usually eat lunch at my desk. And yet, the drama continues. There's been a weird "dead fish" smell in the lobby of our floor for about two weeks. We ignored it. Figured someone brought fish or curried goat and miked it and the smell settled by the elevators. Then upper management comes by and decides Something Must Be Done. Our office is now... Read more →

Finding Home

One of my intentions for the new year is to make our home a more liveable, loveable place to be. It may not be the house of our dreams, but it is our home, the place where we relax, play, and come together in precious times as a family. Mr. Pom and I have valued making a home over other choices. We love houses, we love furnishing our houses, and we love just being at home. We have some expensive wishes - new kitchen, bump out the dining room, enclose our porch - but we also have some simple, basic... Read more →

What I'm Wearing Today

Sunday. Day of Rest. 23 degrees here. But sun shining. Studio bright. Photos to come soon as damn digi battery recharges. So to entertain you: 1. Favorite Winter Footwear And They Are Not Slippers Despite What My Boss Said Since They Have a Rubber Tread Corrugated Sole Like A Boot And I Call It The Moot - Mule/Boot = Moot And That's A Little Lawyer Joke Pass It On. 2. Felted Tote I Made At Tinsel Trading in Charlotte Lyonn's Class Yesterday and Thanks Terri For the Photo! 3. What Face Was I Trying To Make When Terri Took The... Read more →

Rhoda Live

I just ran across a new blog by one of my favorite artists, Laurie Meseroll. She paints funky, funny folk art paintings with a wicked edge, which mirrors her personality: funky, funny, and with a wicked edge. Who could not like an artist who wears Betsey Johnson shoes and loves all things Rhoda? Rhoda. Rhoda! What? Oh come on, are you all that young?? Rhoda was Mary's sidekick in TV land. Mary was perfect, polished, and poised. Rhoda was frumpy, messy, and loud-mouthed. Sure, I wanted a giant "M" on my wall, an apartment with a bay window and window... Read more →

On the Edge

Photos by The Teen Weekend can't come too soon this week. There's more drama at my office on a daily basis than there is on Broadway. While trying to fly under the radar and just do my work, various people visit me and fill me in on potential promotions, who was rude to whom, shakedowns, and other nefarious goings on that make it seem more like a soap opera set. But today is Friday and casual day and I have on jeans and a sweater and my favorite Uggs that The Princess gave me for Christmas. They're like wearing little... Read more →

Tinsel Trading

Have you visited the most magical store in the world? Does vintage silk ribbons, antique metallic fabrics and trim, metal threads, glittered letters, vintage millinery trim, bobbles and bobbins and tassels and cords make your knees weak? Then take a class with me at Tinsel Trading! On February 2nd, we are going to spend a few hours sitting around a big table, surrounded by walls and walls of ribbons, and make lovely, little whimsical corsages from ribbons, paper, buttons and beads. These are perfect for a little gift for your best girl friend, for your Mom, your daughter, your sister,... Read more →