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Since we returned to work and school, some of us have gotten back into the swing of things more easily than others. Some of us are hiding under their electric blanket. Mr. Pom is having an epidural tomorrow for the continuing back pain. The Teen is locked up in her room with a big term paper to finish. Fluffernutter has decided that she missed us so much that she will bark all night and use the kitchen for her private commode. And my office is on the move again. While I was away, we left our temporary digs and moved... Read more →

Westward Ho!

Americans may be the only tribe that has no qualms about pulling up stakes and reinventing themselves wherever they land. How many of us haven't visited a far off land and wondered if life wouldn't be sweeter and more exciting on foreign shores? The ability to relocate and bloom where we are planted may be our greatest strength - and our greatest foible. Is life ever better on the other side of the street? Or do we just pack up our troubles in our old kit bags and unpack them once we land? Or can we truly reinvent ourselves and... Read more →


We expect a lot from vacations. We expect them to be fun, to be exciting, to be serene, to be glamorous, to be adventurous, to be refreshing, and to change our lives. But sometimes, it's enough if a vacation just allows us to experience the day. Mornings, for example. My weekday morning is pretty fixed. Up at 6:30, jump in the shower after Mr. Pom, get up The Teen, fix lunches, and out the door. Drop off The Teen, get a triple venti skim cap, and get to the office before 8:00. You know that awful feeling when you're halfway... Read more →

We Love LA!

Somethings you just can't say as well as those who have said it before. Especially when you took the red eye. So with thanks to Randy Newman, we do love LA! Hate New York City It's cold and it's damp And all the people dressed like monkeys Let's leave Chicago to the Eskimos That town's a little too rugged For you and me, you bad girl Rollin' down the Imperial Highway With a big nasty redhead at my side Santa Ana winds blowin' hot from the north And we was born to ride Roll down the window, put down the... Read more →

Snow, You Say?

Rumor has it that the east coast was socked in with a major snowstorm. Fortunately, the Pomegranates were able to change their flights and leave a day later, thereby avoiding the airport mess that was reported on CNN. Southern California is one big beach town, with the surf encircling the coast like a necklace of pearls. We drove the Pacific Coast Highway and ocean boulevards and only had to turn our heads to catch glimpses of sparkling waves and broad stretches of sand - and volleyball nets - between every building from Malibu to Tijuana. The girls are actively planning... Read more →


We're here! Do you see us waving from the coast of southern California? We were just looking at the weather on TV and anyone looking in our hotel window would have seen 4 heads turning simultaneously from east coast to west as we oriented ourselves on the weather map to our new geographic location. Everything went as smoothly as possible in this age of packed jets. Mr. Pom was VERY nervous about the flight and was in a lot of pain. We walked and walked until we found our seats on the plane - the very last row. He had... Read more →

California Dreamin' Is Becoming a Reality

In a little over 12 hours, we'll be on a plane winging westward. My Ipod is loaded with California songs, my suitcase is loaded with books, my carry-on is loaded with magazines, 2 books (suppose I don't like one or we get delayed??), Moleskinerie watercolor journal, pens, pencils, and my laptop, which I am bringing because I need to upload my photos since I never got around to getting another memory stick. Phew. I took the day off, ostensibly to do errands, but mainly because work was horrid on Thursday - no Valentines from my staff! - just a lot... Read more →

Blessings 101

Today is my birthday. I took the day off. Planned to just "be". Planned to show you a series of still lifes of my day. I had a marvelous morning - got my Starbucks, then did artwork in my sunny, little studio. Lila - almost got to work on the journal pages! I had two doctor's appointments and went to Borders in between. Had another capuccino, read a bunch of magazines and was sketching from some photos I'd brought when my cell rang. The Princess was driving back from the city after having her hair cut. We discussed whether she... Read more →


I've met many people in the course of my art journeys. These women, and they are always women but not out of any selectivity, just that women are the attendees at these events, are extraordinarily generous and kind. Art friends tend to be very special people. They understand why you are veering off the road to screech into a fabric store or thrift store. They nod their heads when you show them a purse full of cool brochures you just took from Starbucks because of the graphics. They would never tell you that your studio is a mess because theirs'... Read more →