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The Lusty Month of May

We made it, kids. In my mind, winter is officially over tomorrow, the first of May. What month has more beautiful associations than May? May flowers, May weddings, Mother's Day, cherry blossoms, Maypoles, and May processions. It is a lusty month. Just this morning I was stopped at a light next to a vivid pink cherry blossom tree in full bloom. This wasn't one of those elegant, Asian cherry trees that look like the ones featured on Japanese screens. I think it was a Kwanzan pink double bloom cherry tree with blossoms as thick and frilly as those crepe paper... Read more →

Let All The Pretty Gardens Grow... Tra La....Tra La...

It's started. All I did was spend a few hours outside yesterday, raking, weeding, deadheading, and cutting back last year's dead growth. And that was just on the dog. I made the mistake of surveying the front garden, or what's known commonly to those who attempt to garden in the northeast as the existential spring question: Where the hell are all the plants we put in last year? When you plant out a garden in midsummer, you tend to buy all the little pretties that catch your eye at the nursery: Oooo - hydrangeas! Delphiniums! Aquilegia! Being a completely non-delayed... Read more →

Retreat Day....?

I've lost track of the days I've been at this. Being up for 24 hours midweek has left me scattered. I wasn't able to write a sentence yesterday, but I did a lot of research and read half of a book for my background story. Sometimes when I do an art project, I do a lot of sketching and thumbnails as I work my way through the issues. An awful lot of what I do ends up in sketchbooks never to be seen or, sadly, in the circular file. It's so frustrating, but it's necessary for the way I work.... Read more →

Sometimes you are on the path, hitting your stride and pumping your arms, congratulating yourself on getting out there and Just Doing It. Then a giant obstacle blocks the way. It is huge, immoveable and there's no way around it. Everything grinds to a halt as you survey this immense, seemingly solid, dense object. And then, you get up close and notice that there is in fact a way through. It is narrow, confining but a definite chink in the armor. Comfortingly, you also notice that someone has gone before and left a handhold, if you have the motivation and... Read more →