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I've gotten several people asking me what brand and hue is the ceiling paint for the porch: it's Behr Exterior Paint, Tropical Breeze, 520E-2 Hope you like it! Mystery Man is now in great demand as a painter. Sister #2 has him painting her apartment and my former manager wants him to paint hers. And yet, we're paying through the nose for him to become a mechanical engineer. See we're I'm going with this? He is going to paint my living room and dining room (and the hall if he has time, but he doesn't know that part yet.....) I'm... Read more →

I was asked to be a guest artist on a cool new blog, Creative Therapy. The format for Creative Therapy is very ingenious. A "catalyst prompt" for journaling is given to a guest artist, who creates artwork and a journal essay. Then the ten or so regular contributors respond with their interpretation of the prompt in art and writing. All of the prompts are brilliant journaling inspirations and it's interesting to see the myriad of responses in both art and writing that the different artists posts. I think there is a new prompt each week, so check back often to... Read more →

And I'm too tired to figure out what to do. So here, without all my glossy prose, is a look at our beautiful, sunny Memorial Day weekend: Our newly painted porch! Finally, a blue ceiling! Mr. Pom's ribfest for Mystery Man and his friends, especially K who painted the porch with MM. (Yes, Teri, that's your K.) Please ignore dandelions in backyard. I was so busy with the front yard thaqt the back is going to seed, heh heh. The Empress and Mystery Man sharing a bagel. The Empress is trying to decide if she could deal with MM painting... Read more →

Sorry to have been gone all week, but it was our yearly administrative meetings at work and between the actual meetings and the Powerpoint presentations, I was in no mood to be online or near a computer. Oh, but it's the weekend - a THREE day weekend and life is good. [Dear Six Apart: If you don't fix the lag time and other clunky glitches on Typepad, I will be defecting to Blogger within the week. You took a perfectly fine, albeit not sexy format, and made it slow as molasses and obtuse. Than you vurry much.] Things are hopping... Read more →

Painting by Ellen Purtil-Legare Those of you that read this month's column in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine read about my fear and trepidations when first asked to teach at an art retreat. I had serious doubts that I knew enough about art or was talented enough to teach anyone anything about making art. But most of all, I was afraid that I would not have what it takes to be the kind of teacher that lights a fire in her students and gets their creative juices going. I learned so much about teaching art that weekend and the most important... Read more →

Older, Wiser, but Really Just Tireder

A month before Memorial Day, this is a typical conversation at the Poms: We should go somewhere Yeah That's as far as we get and that never changes. But over the years, what happens next has evolved as we get older, wise, more sophisticated, more selective, more experienced, more freaking exhausted by life: Younger Poms: Week before Memorial Day: We should go somwhere. Yeah. Cape Cod? Yes! I'll call to get a reservation! Later: Uh, I called 200 places and we only have a room with a single bed and a shared bath in Swampland, Mass. And it's going to... Read more →

Genetic Farts

Do you think that phobias can be genetically based? It appears so in my family, where The Teen and I share quite a few phobias that are completely nonsensical. For example, we both are totally skeeved out by tiny repeating patterns, such as honeycombs enlarged photos of microscopic cells, such as epidermal cells tripe - good lord, I could pass out whilst viewing tripe (thankfully, I don't come across it often) The Teen carries it a bit further than I, as she has been known to shriek when a very plump, large ear of corn is placed on her plate.... Read more →

Our International Side

Our lives have been a changed by a foreign visitor this week, the likes of which we've never had in our home. Sylvia came Wednesday. All the way from Italy! We were expecting her, but we weren’t sure what day she would arrive. When I came home from work Wednesday, there she was! We were all too tired to do much with her on Wednesday night, but Mr. Pom was entertained by her for an hour or so until he came up frustrated with communication problems. Which I was surprised out, considering that he has gone on and on and... Read more →

The House of Marvels

Darlings, I know I have left you all in suspense about the events of Mother's Day and our planned visit to the Metropolitan Museum. Let me assure you it was a most celebratory day! Mr. Pom insisted that I spend the morning abed, despite my protests. Maid brought in a lovely breakfast tray of coddled eggs and scones with jam mid-morning. After breakfast, I donned my dressing gown and joined Fluffernutter in the morning room where I read the morning papers in her delightful, quiet company. The sisters arrived for luncheon. We were all so languid after last night's ball,... Read more →

More May

Is there a more feminine month than May? This weekend was the perfect confluence of all that is spring. The lilacs were nodding heavily in lush purple hues; the azaleas were smug in brazen magentas, pinks, and whites; tulips were as perky as Mary Tyler Moore in shade of salmon, pink, and yellows. Even the cherry trees were hanging on a spell, all frowzy soft pinks like a chenille robe to snuggle in the morning after. At the hairdresser, snatches of conversation floated above the roar of blowdryers, bringing word of confirmations, college graduations, and Mother’s Day plans. A little... Read more →