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Several of you have asked that I post a photo of the new me in the garden. Here ya go! Yes, I had on my FANCY bloomers that day! Now you know I can't actually go out and pose in the garden. My dweeb factor would rocket through the stratosphere! But my flowers are not as shy. The foxglove is very happy right now. I tend to like spiky, tall flowers, as you can see from the surrounding delphiniums. Behind it is some anise hyssop that has delicate blue spiky flowers and next to that is the Russian Sage which... Read more →

Last year, we had a big old Maple tree taken down. It had been hit by lightening more than once and we were just waiting for it to fall on the house, specifically on the 3rd floor where The Princess resides in her Castle. We wanted to prevent what happened in the photo below to my neighbor. It was almost a disaster, as near as I care to come to one, since the tree missed the house next to us by about a foot and no one was killed. We were without electricity and had live wires down, though, for... Read more →

Yesterday, I let The Teen drive to Borders. Afterwards, we needed gas. It was a good time for her to learn how to pull up at a gas station and where the little lever is that flips open the gas tank. (She actually knows how to pump the gas, but has never driven the car up to the pump herself.) This is my regular gas station. I do not pump if not forced to, especially on the way to court, to avoid stinking of gasoline. The smiling, cheerful attendant knows me. When we pulled up, he came over to say... Read more →

Saturday may have been the most perfect First Day of Summer that we Poms have ever had. Other than waking up, getting dressed, cleaning up after the beach, and putting away some groceries, I spent the entire day outside or on the porch. That's three al fresco meals and two of them were at the beach! We were on the porch until 11:00 last night, and it was as close to a day of vacation as we can get at home. We went back to the beach, courtesy of our fearless leader, who is feeling so much better! We overslept... Read more →

Friday is the first day of summer! I love summer; I am a water sign and summer is my time. I read something this week (on a blog, in the paper, or in a book, can't recall) - that really struck me: June is the height of the year. Think about it. Half the year almost gone. Longest days. Perfect weather (usually, this year may be an exception.) What are you doing to get out of your usual rut and celebrate the apex of our seasons? For The Poms, it's all about the great outdoors. We are an outdoors family... Read more →

[Editor's note: what the hell is up with Typepad formatting? Can't get the photos and the text to line up without giant gaps - please forgive and send your complaints to Six Apart!] Mystery Man and his friend, K, have done a superb job of painting the side porch, living room, and dining room. They paint by night, a rather unorthodox approach, but being the experienced mother of college-aged children that I am, I only had one minor breakdown adjusted to this quite well and they worked until 1:30 in the morning so we could put the rooms back together... Read more →

I'm Here!

Still not the post I want to write, but somehow summer has become busier than any other season. all kids home and food and meals are necessary, so lots of shopping and figuring out what to do for dinner each night, involving some really nice meals out and together rooms being painted! Everything moved off the porch, then back onto the porch, then everything out of the living room and into the dining room and porch, then everything back into the living room and porch and out of the dining room. Finally, we woke up on Father's Day to a... Read more →

What Passes for Conversation At Our House

Mrs. Pom: Why is Dad, who just got home from work, the person who is doing the after dinner dishes?? Mystery Man: Because he likes to push the buttons on the dishwasher and pretend he's on Star Trek? Because he enjoys soap? Because there's only 4 dishes? Because he likes to have wet hands? Because he didn't ask anyone else to help? Because he doesn't care? Because he likes to play with bubbles? Because he's a clean freak? No, no, wait, definitely because he likes to play with bubbles and pop them with his fingers- plink, plink plink. There -... Read more →

Thank you all for your condolences and messages of love and cyber hugs. Your words all meant so much to us and we will always remember your kind words and Fluff will always be remembered in our hearts. This weekend was very restful and healing for all of us. We don't know what to attribute it to, but Mr. Pom went from telling his boss on Thursday that he would have to give up his full time hours until and if he improved, to feeling on Friday that the pain "switch" had been turned off in his back for the... Read more →

Yesterday evening we made the very difficult and sad decision to euthanize Shadow a/k/a Fluffernutter. She had been steadily declining for the last few months from diabetes and arthritis. Never the same since we left her to go California, our dog was becoming more and more anxious, sad, and irritable every day. her diabetes had caused her to lose about 14 pounds since February. She'd developed what they term "sundown dementia" where she'd start barking and yipping after dinner until we put her to bed in the basement each night. Worst of all was that her arthritis had gotten much... Read more →