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OK, so it's not technically a list, but think photo-journalism-type list. We're midway through summer ( I know, you southerners are going back to school in a week - yuck!) and I'm sure many of you have gone on trips to your favorite summer haunts. So for List Friday, please send a link to photos of your favorite summer places -OR- just list them in the comments. Thanks! Here, in no particular order, are mine: Read more →

Because Badger said that no one else remembered it, that she couldn't find it, that she thought it had disappeared from the face of the earth..... The Teen and Mrs. Pom present all the way from Skaket Beach on Cape Cod, That sublimely icy, day-glo mutant blue, icy confection known affectionately as: Complete with not one, but TWO bubble gum balls in every one! The Teen's verdict: "We wanted cherry, but all they had was blue; gum ball is disgusting". And she verily spit it out the window. Read more →

1. Perfect chair that is close to the ground but reclines plus extra chairs to place around you so the guy and girl with the big tattoos, cigarettes, and boom box are outside the perimeter of your sanity. 2. Book of choice - or several. I'm thinking one book about a beach house to read in meta fashion while you are on the beach; a Jen Lancaster book so you can act all that like you know her and of course you don't at all but Blackbird does and isn't that the same thing? And then something you want everyone... Read more →

Isn't this a lovely space from which to blog? The town we stay in has hotspots downtown where we can go online for free. If one is going to waste anytime on the internet while on the Cape, this surely is the only place to do it. The weather has been typical mid-summer Cape: hot, cool, sunny, overcast, rainy, smurry, breezy, clear. In short, we've had a little of it all and we adjust our activities as the fronts roll through. We go to the bay beach early- really early for me - in the day, walk on the tidal... Read more →

What fantastic recollections of summertime eating! You posts and comments were so beautiful and moving and DELICIOUS that you have me craving everything from radishes to macaroni salad! Thanks for playing along and sharing with all of us your sumptious and simple Proustian treats. What I love most about them is the core of family that resides in the midst of it all: the barbecues and picnics and Grandmas' kitchens filled with family and cousins and breaking bread. That, after all, is the nourishment we truly seek when we are hungry: to fill the soul with the love of those... Read more →

Some of the brilliant members on my writing list were posting about the foods they remember from their childhood summer days. Remember being able to eat anything you wanted - or could get away with before your mother realized you were eating Fluff for breakfast for two months while she thought you were actually eating the Cream of Wheat that you were actually dumping down the sink? What are the snacks you ate in the heat of the afternoons or after dinner while your mother washed the dishes or on the boardwalk on Friday nights? Tales of popsicles and burgers... Read more →

The summer wind, came blowin in - from across the sea It lingered there, so warm and fair - to walk with me All summer long, we sang a song - and strolled on golden sand Two sweethearts, and the summer wind Like painted kites, those days and nights - went flyin by The world was new, beneath a blue - umbrella sky Then softer than, a piper man - one day it called to you And I lost you, to the summer wind Read more →

THE TEEN PICKED THE NUMBER OF THE WINNING COMMENT. Congratulations to Bella of Mama Muses! I wish I had a goodie to give each and everyone of you! And before I post such a request for books again, I must remember to be careful what I wish for! I thought I had my summer reading all in place, but after these wonderful suggestions of authors new to me, books I'd forgotten about, and books new to me by favorite authors, my list has grown and I will have to read a book a day to keep up with itBut you... Read more →