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Sometimes, you have to make a little space for yourself, even in the midst of vacation. Sometimes, especially in the midst of vacation. Today was a transition day, as The Princess and The Boyfriend left and we moved from the house to a motel for the last 3 days. It is cloudy and sprinkling and dudes, I have had The Worst Sinus Headache In the World since Thursday night. Today, I took matters into my own hands and went to CVS where I dared to purchase REAL Sudafed and had to hand over my license, Mr. Pom's license, our wedding... Read more →

Mr. Pom saw Granny Pom safely into the rehab center, went home and packed his bags,and drove up to the Cape, arriving at midnight. Lordie, does the man snore when he's exhausted! Today, we had breakfast together at our new fave coffee shop, walked on the bay, and then got the girls up and out to Nauset Beach, where Mr. Pom partook of fried clams and the infamous onion rings. Me, I slept on the beach and then we went for a long walk up to where the cars go off-road along the surf. Dinner followed at the Cape's only... Read more →

The light on the Cape is completely different this visit than it was a month ago. I never tire of coming here because each visit is different from the last July's visit was truly summery: hot, humid, thunder showers followed by more heat. We were in and out of the water, the pools, and felt the power of the sun even during my early morning solitary treks to the bay. Late August, the sun is golden and thick and we cast long shadows right after noon. The rose of sharons are heavy with flower but the they wear skirts of... Read more →

Miracle Sunday

I am so happy to spread the news that Granny Pom is sitting up in bed, talking with friends,and eating lunch! The change is indeed miraculous and I thank you all for your prayers! She is still very weak and frail and the big hurdle of getting her out of bed and on the new hip is still ahead of her. But I can't tell you how shocked we all are, how the hospital personnel keep coming in to talk with her, and how wonderful it is to see her smile at all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank... Read more →

"Picnics-on-the-beach is the one area of an otherwise discordant marriage where our parents are in harmonious, if tacit, agreement. To be out of the house, out-of-doors, to be sitting on the sand, or on smooth rocks, with the sounds of the sea making unnecessary any attempt at conversation, this has for them, it would seem, a significance of almost religious intensity, notwithstanding the acrimonious preparations always attendant on the these regular family outings. The truth of the matter, is our beach-picnics have a far greater importance for us than simply the eating of meals outside: they are a form of... Read more →

These are the times when we wish for 20/20 vision into the future so we are assured that our choices are correct. However, we are just fallible human beings, making our way in a murky world muddied by disease, unexpected circumstances, and the vagaries of health care. Granny Pom is not doing well. She has an undiagnosed infection and her transfer to the rehab center has been indefinitely postponed. She has aged 20 more years in this short week and we feel helpless as our questions go unanswered and her condition deteriorates each day. Today was supposed to be the... Read more →

Was it just this Satuday that the girls and I went into the city and had a beautiful lunch in a beautiful restaurant on a beautiful, sunny day? We needed a little mother/daughter bonding and I hadn't been in the city for ages, so off we went, leaving Mr. Pom to rest his back and MM still bringing his stuff back to college. We are just such suburban chicks. We drive everywhere and think nothing of driving in Manhattan. Until it takes us twenty minutes to get into Manhattan and another forty minutes to travel 10 cross town blocks when... Read more →

Your messages and prayers did so much to lift our spirits and keep us hopeful. Mrs. Pom-In-Law did not have the hip replacement surgery until Tuesday evening due to various issues, mainly hospitals that can't get themselves together and too many doctors to stir the pot. The surgery went very well, but she is extremely frail and weak and has other serious health issues and we are still in the early stages of her recovery. Mr. Pom is worn to a frazzle - only children have it very hard during these crises - and we are trying to come up... Read more →