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Banks failing. Economy tanking. Election mudslinging. Sick relatives. Too much work. That all means it's time........ for some puppy love~ We don't know which one is ours~ but I can guarantee that it will be the most anticipated puppy in the history of Pomegranate Petland. And probably the one that pukes the most. I'm just saying.... Read more →


I never write about entertainment news or Hollywood and now my RJ post has been up all the week and I am sad to learn of Paul Newman's death. My sister's girlfriend lived in Westport and we spent many lunches and shopping trips hoping to run into him. Nada. Closest my sister came was going into a paint store and being told that she just missed Joanne Newman (yes, Newman - she was just another married lady in Westport. Work is rather...ugh. Mr. Pom has a terrible cold. Granny Pom is rather...ugh. I have my work due for the magazine... Read more →

I've never been a big fan of Barbara Stanwyck*. Not for any reason. I think my opinion of her was formed by the characters she played, all rather overbearing women. She just wasn't one of those silver screen actesses like Lauren Bacall who evoked the glamour and wickedness of that era for me. But really, who gave her much thought? And then, today, well, today, I found out that RJ, or Mr. Hart as we call him around here, who is one of our favorite actors in the world, when RJ was young, very young, 23 years younger than Barbara,... Read more →

All the Poms are together and watching the very last game at Yankee Stadium. These are photos from the last game that Mr Pom and I went to with The Teen and her friend. It's probably the last game we'll ever go to together since the seats shown here, which cost about $130 and which we got free from a friend, are going to cost about $1000 at the new stadium. There's no excuse for it really. It's all very sad. I'm very glad that the kids and Mr.Pom are such avid fans and that they got to go to... Read more →

Robert Frost Via Atlantic Av

The Silken Tent She is as in a field a silken tent At midday when the sunny summer breeze Has dried the dew and all its ropes relent, So that in guys it gently sways at ease, And its supporting central cedar pole, That is its pinnacle to heavenward And signifies the sureness of the soul, Seems to owe naught to any single cord, But strictly held by none, is loosely bound By countless silken ties of love and thought To every thing on earth the compass round, And only by one's going slightly taut In the capriciousness of summer... Read more →

I want to be a strong link. It appears that I hold a lot together. Who and what depends on me is often more than I what I would choose if I was just born into this life today. So I look for the loose link, jingle it, test it, pull it on, and worry the knots into frays. Still, it won't give. Life is an accretion of decisions, actions, steps, moments, ripples, words, looks, glances, murmurs, caresses kisses, strokes of hair, giggles, silent pauses over the phone line, a signature on a page, the rip of a check, a... Read more →

The hardest thing I have to learn in this life is to remain open to whatever this life brings. I am stuffed full of wants: what I want, what I should want, what I need to want, what our family wants, what I want out of everyone else, what I want from it all and where all these wants will lead, build on, grow. Carrying so much weight of shoulds and needs and wants and musts keeps me moored in the shallows. I am trying to empty myself out. To allow myself to remain unburdened with ballast. To enjoy the... Read more →

You are all precious gems to me, each of you, with your sweet comments and cheering messages. We are doing the best we can; perhaps not as good as others, but it is what we can muster. The weather made a liar out of me when I said I was set for fall. I'm heading out to Starbucks for a venti iced coffee as it is HOT HOT HOT AND HUMID. Not really so awful so long as you don't have to be in the direct sun doing anything more strenuous than clipping some rosy hydrangea heads to dry. We're... Read more →

Update on our Granny

Dear Granny Pom underwent more surgery yesterday as her hip is now infected. Her situation is very poor and we are spending most of our time there. Thank you all for your fun comments about our new puppy-to-be. We love hearing from you and helps to keep us thinking about other things besides the situation we are facing. Hope to post soon, Love to my internets, Mrs. Pom Read more →

I was walking from the courthouse to Starbucks at lunchtime this afternoon. It was a glorious day! The sun was bright and the temps were low. As I walked in the shadow of the county office building, I suddenly felt a cold wind - the type of chill that isn't just from shade, but a harbinger. And just like that, the season in my head changed from summer to early fall. Like a temperature setting or a biological clock, I was fully out of summer mode and ready to buy pumpkins and plan my Thanksgiving menu. I'm a little crazy... Read more →