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Granny Pom was laid to rest today in a beautiful cemetery in a plot on the edge of a woods, underneath a very old oak tree and in front of a stand of plump pine trees that will provide a windbreak for the birds all winter. We drove in a procession through a vivid autumnal landscape, past weathered century-old granite monuments, and across a stone bridge to reach her final resting place. After the minister said the final prayers, we stepped up one by one and placed red and pink roses on her casket. As the cold wind blew the... Read more →

Go Tell It On the Mountain

Your messages of love and comfort have meant so much to all of us at this very sad time. We've spent our time alternately sitting together and crying and drinking tea and looking at photos and then running from place to place, taking care of all the details that are necessary to observe the rituals that attend the journey from this life. Your messages really are like hugs to all of us and give us the chance to remember to breathe, to relax, and to rest. I thought I'd share with you all a very comforting experience I had today.... Read more →

I'd Rather Be Blogging

Has anyone ever noticed that "meme" is just 2 me's? I am full of such erudite observations these days. I always wonder who started a meme, so I decided to start one myself: Animal: picking up Nov. 1st/my office mates when pizza served Vegetable: Escarole wilting in the fridge drawer/my brain Mineral: B-12 I keep forgetting to take/make up that sticks in crow's feet ````````````````````````````` Yes, my internets, I'm sorry to say that's all I have. Pathetic, I know. My job, which I took specifically 6 years ago because it was presented as a law job with regular hours, has... Read more →

I learned to my dismay this week that Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion may cease publication after the Christmas issue. The press release says they are seeking a new publishing partner. I don't care why or what sound or unsound business decision it was, I just know it was a lousy decision by the holding company because it was my favorite shelter magazine from when i was a young wife and mom and I had every issue once upon a time. So before they disappear or become collector's items, I got hold of a stack of old issues (I got rid... Read more →

The Artful Life

I am overwhelmed and humbled by all your messages of support and understanding. To say I think I hit a nerve with my readers would be an understatement. Women, and that's basically who my readers are, are feeling the stress of this economic chaos at a very intimate and soul-searching level. Too dramatic? It's not. We can put our hands over our ears and shout, "La, la, la, I don't want to hear it," but we still feel it through our nerve-endings. We intuitively know that the repercussions from this will land some of us outside the safety nets that... Read more →

Who I Am Or What Happens When I Am Alone In a Hotel Room For One Night

All of this world economic despair has only fueled my usual obsessive anxieties. Nothing interesting to talk about: In short, I worry about everything. Mainly at about 3:30 a.m. That is usually when I am paralyzed with fear and vow to never do anything again that costs money if only God will let us survive this. I used to be the same way about losing weight. My first thought on opening my eyes in the morning was: I must lose this weight. Not eat. Get healthy. Today. Or die. So now that I got that out of the way, I've... Read more →

Sew Dear

'Tis the season to sew! I don't know what it is about Fall, but it drives me into a frenzy of nesting and I am itching, itching I tell you to drag out the sewing machine, tearing apart my studio to find the bobbins, and sew up about a dozen projects that I haven't touched since last Fall. I'm almost, almost ready to start. The last few weeks have been rough. Work has ratcheted up a huge notch. I have to take some online in-house courses (10!!) and I can only concentrate on them at night. Plus, the artwork and... Read more →

Mr. Pom just went through a major panic attack about getting the new dog. He was after all the first person in the family to express that he missed having a dog and then he started looking at dogs online. Once The Teen and I got on board, he took a back seat and started to slide back on his desire to get one. About a week ago, it finally hit home that we were doing this again and he decided that gee, a clean house and yard with no dog hair or poop + quiet no-barking household + being... Read more →