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Love & Joy Come To You

Sunday of the long eating and visiting marathon. Mr. Pom and I awoke to - SNOW! Coming down fast and furious. We debated: stay under the covers and snuggle or throw on our clothes and head out before 8:00 for the first snow?? The first snow won out and we drove off on the parkway to see if we could find blueberry pancakes. We exited quickly when we saw a car careen around a corner and head right off, thankfully onto a grass median. We ended up at the diner by the water and I had oatmeal with granola and... Read more →

I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner when Mystery Man was 5 months old and The Princess was 2. I remember the year very clearly because MM cried – no wailed – the entire day and when we finally called the pediatrician at 3 in the afternoon, he met us at his office and diagnosed MM with double ear infections. Poor little guy! We just thought he was cranky due to so many visitors upsetting his schedule and my general hysteria. I was pretty cranky, too. It wasn’t just my first Thanksgiving, it was my first holiday meal for our family,... Read more →

My friend, Dana Fox Jenkins, has just published a most amazing book, Red Cherries and Blue Mountains, which in her words, is filled with her watercolors, text, and handwritten recipes tell the story of a family from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, the values that have been learned in their kitchens and around their tables and the communities they've created and sustained with traditional foods. I was fortunate enough to visit Dana a few years ago in Buffalo and see her wonderful watercolors first-hand. I remember at the time she was preparing a show of her vegetable and fruit watercolors.... Read more →

You either have it....or you've had it.... Act 1, Scene 1: Middle-aged married couple attempt to squeeze into fancy dress for their anniversary celebration. Male is straightening his tie in the hall mirror. Female is scurrying around looking for gloves. The woman remembers there are gloves in a basket in the bottom of the hall closet. She climbs the two steps and starts throwing stuff out of her way with great exaggeration. Vaccuum attachments, coats, and table leaves are strewn about. Male is viewing the scene as reflected in the mirror. Woman leans into the closet and grabs the basket.... Read more →

The Allure of a Swiftly Falling Night

We have slid without a fuss into deep winter, or so it seems here in the Northeast. The past few mornings have been below freezing and this morning, flurries graced the air on the way to school. The nighttime commute is in late dusk and the sky as far as I can see is being banked with low, rolling gray clouds. If it were summer, I'd be expecting thunderstorms, but this season they just herald nightfall. I am cold, just plain cold all the time, at least until I pull the blankets up to my chin at night and have... Read more →

There Will Be Time

I think the past year has finally caught up with me. I'm feeling very withdrawn and quiet and blah. And anxious and edgy and irritable. Great combo, no? Honestly, it's 90% work issues. My job has grown over the past year into a monster and I've managed to keep my balance with my other interests until the end of summer and then everything seems to have imploded. Of course, my mother in law's health and my husband's responsibilities for her have worn us down and I am recognizing some deep anxiety symptoms that I haven't felt since we were living... Read more →

If it's Monday, just call me punkin head. I spent Sunday in bed, victim of what I thought was a migraine but appears instead to be a head/stomach virus after my drug dealer (The Empress) kindly gave me a vial of crack (migraine med) and it did nada. Nada! Feeling a little better but far from good and with only a teen tiny number of days off left before the end of the year, I dragged myself to work, figuring if I could just make it to my chair, I'd be fine. That proved a tad optimistic. After 3 flying... Read more →

Blogging may be light for the time being bec - - - ------ Ouch Crash Stop! Help! Get away! Nononono! He likes to bite the computer monitor, plug, cord, keys, etc...... But sometimes he's just adorable! Awwwww Luv you itsy bitsy- No,no! Get him Stop him Help him Find him! Ouch Ouch!!! -----Sorry – as I was saying--- He has the remote! OMG – what is he eating??? Where did he get that? Is that the the stuffing from the ottoman??? HE HAS TO GO OUT! Too late. Aargh Don’t bite! No, no, no, Stop – omg, he just put... Read more →