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It is the time of the year when even Father Christmas starts looking at cruises in the Bahamas And the rest of us consider banning all relatives from our houses We have eaten our weight ten times over in crackers and cheese And the sounds of Rock Band are causing our homes to burst at the seams It is just about then when fathers start daydreaming about remote islands While wives and mothers start carrying kniveses And just when we started yearning for school (or even work), for no apparent reason Comes the coup de grace of the season We... Read more →

The Sweetest Week of the Year

I do NOT get post-Christmas letdown. At least not until January 2nd. The week between Christmas and New Year's is the sweetest week of the year - the house is decorated, gifts bought, wrapped, given, and enjoyed, and there's usually a plethora of junk food and goodies in the house. I save a few precious days off and just slug out. Christmas was good to all of us. I got my best gift - a new camera! Where are the photos, you ask? Well, here's the thing: I have over 300 photos to upload (some from late summer!) and I'm... Read more →

Remember at Thanksgiving when Mr. Pom and I went into the city to see Gypsy? If you recall from the post, it was a very disappointing evening. Last night, Mr. Pom and I went back into the city to see Liza Minelli and as dismal and glum as our Gypsy experience was, our experience last night was as lovely and exciting as a night on Broadway can get. The show was a New York experience that soon will be extinct. A small, intimate theater, a limited engagement, one-woman act, with standards by Kander & Ebb and her iconic renditions of... Read more →

Remember this - that sweet, tiny little puppy guy staring straight at the camera??? Followed by this cuddly homecoming?? Well, here he is now, all THIRTY SIX POUNDS OF HIS 15 WEEK OLD SELF! [Note: leg belongs to MM; he has not grown a fifth leg. Neither has the dog] AND NOW FOR THE ALL IMPORTANT, CRUCIAL MOST ACHINGLY ADORABLE, ABSOLUTELY PREREQUISITE SWEETEST FIRST CHRISTMAS PHOTO - - - We dressed him up a few weeks ago for his shot, of course, he wouldn't sit still or behave so it is a tad blurry and not particularly well staged. But... Read more →


Christmas will come whether we are ready or not. and I am thankful for that! I am in the midst of writing a lovely post about Sicilian Italian customs and holidays in Advent . . . but it remains half written and without the links and photos.... (Santa hasn't come with my present yet...) But here's the thing I just realized: I cannot give you perfection. I cannot give you the blog I want to write. So.... I could pull the plug on this blog - - - but what fun would that be?? So..... I hope you enjoy putting... Read more →

And all through the house, nothing was stirring except....a mouse. I do not want to share my house with any meeces tho I am content to host a gaggle of nieces. I can embrace all matters of flora and fauna But in my lair a mouse I no wanna So after messing around with peanut butter traps And finding them eaten but hearing no taps I demanded to Mr. Pom to pick up the phone And get a professional on loan Even Cucciolo got into the game Making eyes and noises at the window frames. Just when we were about... Read more →