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The 9th of January and I have a few hours to kill between appointments. I head over to Borders to see if there's a magazine I might need to get me through the long weekend with snow storm predicted. Very few people were in the store but the staff was very busy stocking shelves with books. I tried to find a corner to sit in and leaf through some shelter mags but I feel uncomfortable leafing through House Beautiful and deciding what new color to paint my front door while a weary Borders employee wearing gloves is hustling back and... Read more →

I began the weekend reading The Book of Unholy Mischief. I wish I hadn' t read it so quickly, and I may have to read it again. It's a lyrical book, fresh and quickly paced, with beautiful writing and evocative imagery of cooking in medieval Venice. If you like mystery and spices and descriptions of mouth-watering dishes and magic and love, it will fill you up and satisfy all your senses as only a banquet of words can. I had planned to segue right into A Stopover in Venice by Kathryn Walker, (sensing a theme here, folks?), but in between,... Read more →

Yes, notice how chatty I am when I have a few days off - and enjoy it, dammit, because it's back to covering court parts and inputting massive amounts of legal data tomorrow and my retreat into left brain hemisphere. We had New Year's Day brunch in this cozy pub. It looked quite festive and probably would have been perfect for New Year's Eve, but we only got as far as Mystic due to the weather. We, being quite old, went to bed at 11:00, but enjoyed our intimate supper for two in our room - crab and corn chowder... Read more →

I have learned many important things in the last 4 days, which is to my credit since my resolutions for the new year were to learn more, do more. Here is what I learned: 13 degrees is 1/3 of 39 degrees but 300 times colder than 30 degrees. Salt is not used on the roads in Cape Cod. Sand over crushed snow makes a very effective toboggan run street to drive on. If you attempt to get out of your car by the bay to take a photo and notice that the bay is not moving because it is frozen,... Read more →