Wonder Dog or Why There Are No New Posts
If You Are Taking Tuesday Off, Raise Your Hand

Pay Attention!

Dear Bloggettes:

Most of you know that I have been blogging for 5 years. Older and wiser, I do not despair like I did in the old days when my comments fall into the toilet. I assume, rightly so, that people are bored - whether with winter, life, or me, or all 3. I do not beg, panhandle, or threaten to QUIT BLOGGING!

I know that sporadic posts and perhaps too many dog photos will push the readership stats way down.  I understand that I am not a Big Blogger who can write "I yawned when I got up today" and get 324 comments.

So I Am Not Saying A Word.

Not An Utter of Worry.

Or Kvetching.

No, I am a happy, prolific, please-as-punch blogger who just happens to be having a real drop in her stats and comments.

So therefore, I see no reason NOT to post yet another Cucciolo photo:


The Awkwardness of First Dates


She Is a Tad Overdressed