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The winter days are tumbling head over heels in a Catherine's Wheel of doom and gloom and deficits and stock plunges, layoffs and foreclosures, and vanishing 401ks and swindles. What do you do when life spins out of control? How do you get your balance back? Where do you go to get your feet on the ground? How can you prevent the vertigo that threatens to send you spinning off the planet???? GET. A. DOG. They are the original Lilies of the Field. They know the food will fill the bowl twice a day and that the water bowl will... Read more →

I got ill at my sister's this Sunday. I thought it was overindulging in various junk food items that I normally don't eat, but now it looks like a virus. It is the Weird Disease I get every so often, for which I've had various tests and the only diagnosis is a shrug of the shoulders and a notation in the doc's chart of the like, "hysterical female". I'm in a black mood. I hate actually using my precious Personal Time Off days for actually sick days. I'd rather soldier through the day at work and collapse at home and... Read more →

We are entering into the cruelest seasonal change of the year. The slow crusty slide in fits and starts from winter to spring has none of summer's bittersweet languor into scarlet fall, or fall's frenzied and festive whip up into snowy holiday cheer. The prologue to true spring, at least here in the northeast, is long and fickle, with bright sunshine high 40 days and fierce windy days and snow squalls and mud pits and frozen turf. Sometimes all of that, too, in the space of a single day, as this one was, dawning in the high sunshiney 40's and... Read more →

What is harder to face than the end of summer days? How many times have we sat on the beach and hoped for a reprieve, some magic shine of harvest moon that would grant our wishes to never have to leave, to allow us to linger forever in the setting sun and roast lobsters over coals in the soft air of summer evenings? So this year, with the crash of summer falling down around our ears in illness and hospitals, we were all the more grateful to escape by grace of God for a few days, yes we reassured ourselves,... Read more →

Is the way I feel today after birthday greetings from so many friends. I considered taking off the day, but realized that I would rather wait for warm weather and spend the day outside, maybe in the city, with the Cucciolo pretending to be a city dog at some sidewalk cafe. One of our admins loves to cook and bake and since she has started with us, our office is never without treats, which as you can imagine, is good and bad. She puts out quite a spread and I have turned down more homemade apple pies, cakes, and cookies... Read more →

Every night I come home with great plans for the evening. I will cook! clean! walk the dog! organize! make art! write! read! call people! I usually get through cook! clean! walk the dog! and sometimes read.....but this week, my mind is ice bound. Staying connected with your life is harder when the cold wraps around you like a coiled spring and your only intent is to get through the day and find the warmth of your bed and a cup of tea. But today, the earth fooled us and turned its face to be kissed by the sun. The... Read more →

60 degrees AND a new Mac!

First off, internets, it is SIXTY DEGREES! For those of you in more temperate climates and consider posts about weather THE most boring evah, understand that we have endured single digits for more mornings than I can count and in the teens and twenties since Christmas. So, YAY! Unfortunately, the rapidly melting snow has revealed a six inch layer of ice over the landscape and huge piles of dog poop to be picked up in the backyard. The total effect is of a rapidly melting skating rink covered with two inches of slippery water, the result being that Cucciolo's morning... Read more →

Here's a recipe for a warm up weekend deep in the heArt of Winter! The amazing Jen of Earth Angels produced the second magnificent HeArt of Winter folk art show in the historic village of Warwick, NY. A candy-coated painting glittering with the talent of it's creator, Laurie Meseroll. Shown here with more of her brilliant artwork with yours truly and the marvelous Ellen, co-founder with Sallianne McClelland of THE east coast art retreat, Art Is. The beautiful Jennifer Lane with her lush paintings. I didn't buy one last year and thought about it all year and can't wait to... Read more →