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MEMO: TO: THE DOGS FROM: MANAGEMENT RE: HOUSE RULES The management wishes to advise you that the following behaviors will no longer be tolerated on the premises, to wit: Barking at the dog behind us whenever you hear the slightest noise from that side of the house Barking on the porch in the dark whenever you hear the slightest noise from anywhere outside that approximates a chain human animal scary animal non human noise Twisting the Mister around so much on your morning walk that you pull out his back knock over the $50 clay pot holding the $35 rosemary... Read more →

I know I am running against the grain of everyone in the world when I say this: I am thrilled that it is 90 degrees today, thrilled and looking forward to every hot day of summer. I don't care that we skipped spring - it'll come back. The Teen, The Princess, and I are all Summer Sluts. We love the heat, love the sun, and love sitting in the sun until burnt. One good hot day and all my cares just melt away, along with the knotted up muscles and migraines of winter. Nothing makes me happier than pulling out... Read more →

It's over 90 degrees here in my little burb outside the big city. The sun is shining, the tulip magnolias, cherry trees, and weeping cherries are in full bloom and the dogwoods have fat, juicy buds. Mr. Pom ran out and swept the screened porch and bought us a new sisal rug. Then we tried to buy porch furniture that we couldn't afford from a store that couldn't be bothered talking to us because we were looking, I guess, at the cheapest line. So since they didn't want our humongous sum of money for wicker, I left and came home... Read more →

I didn't mean to be gone so long, y'all. Busy work week and what with midweek travel, no time for blogging. Let me just tell you, though, that I have been DYING, DYING I tell ya to write up my Blackbird day. BB (I call her that now cause we're tight), BB and I met way back in maybe, oh, 2005 (?) in Cape Cod. So I always feel like I KNOW her, y'know. However that meeting, in a bar, at night, was clouded with alcohol and rushing for her to get back to the island before the tide turned.... Read more →


(Ed.: If you've seen this already, consider yourself lucky cause Typepad ate it and now has burped it back up.) Many things to write about: fun visit with blackbird in the big city; Sister # 2's fall from grace, a morality tale concerning a bike and a wrist; Mr. Pom's obsession over an acronym for a license plate depicting the Cape and the labs and his inability to make a decision whilst inputting a thousand different acronyms in the dmv site, and my spur-of-the-moment inputting of one perfect combination that he thought was unavailable and ordering it for myself, or:... Read more →

The weather here is still stuck in the 40's, but I am SICK of my winter clothes. Tonight I was inspired to switch out the heavier winter clothes and organize my closet. After I took out the clean winter clothes and heaviest sweaters, leaving the transitional sweaters and pants, I switched in the spring clothes and arranged everything according to jackets, pants, skirts, dress (yes, one), and tops. I don't buy any suits for work that aren't good for at least 3 seasons, so they remain in my closet year round. Now that I am 20 months post-WLS, I have... Read more →

Who do you think you are? Have you heard that said about you? Have you had someone say that to you? Worse, have you said that to yourself? Do you believe that you don't deserve what you have, that you don't have the right to paint, draw, play the piano, dance, write, run, lead a class, gave a talk, publish a poem? Do you believe that you don't have the right to choose ______________(fill in the blank). Above all, do you long to transform your life creatively? In October, Art Is You, sponsored by Naval Jelly Studios, Dime Store Emporium,... Read more →

By now, the Easter baskets have been ravaged, the older kids have gone back to school and jobs, and Mr. Pom and I have reentered the work-a day world. I feel saddest that the dogs had to go back to their doggie day care and dog walker weekdays instead of three times a day outings to the beach where they could chase seagulls and dodge the waves. The week was glorious and deeply relaxing and too short, as week vacations always are. The weather started off ominously with cold temps, winds, and driving rain. It softened up into misty Cape... Read more →

Easter stands alone as the holiday for which there is only one acceptable gift: ```````````````````````````````````````` The Easter Basket ````````````````````````````````````` By law, the contents of the Easter Basket is limited to only three acceptable foodstuffs: jelly beans marshmallow peeps & CHOCOLATE ********************* Easter chocolate is specifically defined, to wit: bunnies duckies baby bunnies and duckies & eggs* (*defined but not be limited to: gooey Cadbury eggs malted milk eggs, and solid chocolate eggs - milk chocolate only, if recipient is under 21 - and, if used sparingly as a condiment, a crispy rice "crackle" or peanut butter)1 The introduction of exotic... Read more →