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Life and Work

The two collide often - every day it seems. Trial attorneys are hardened, used to disaster, tears, emergencies - as long as they are not our own. We are composed, professional, and efficient - even with nervous clients who need their hands held. The tears of a witness on the stand are something to be controlled and contained so as not to unduly impact a jury. Unless they are the tears of our witness, and in that case, they should be encouraged. Simply put, we have heard it all, three times over. So why today at a deposition, when I... Read more →

No, not the creeping crud, tho we all have had it in various varieties over the last two weeks. No, I'm referring to my strange behavior this spring. I think the dogs have sucked all my energy out of my brain. They have used up every last bit of energy I have for anything other than showing up at my desk on time each day. Don't get me wrong, I love their little furry faces, like right now as one is drooling on the keyboard trying to wrap herself around my neck like a chinchilla and the other is trying... Read more →

Sunday morning of a three-day weekend. The threat of rain, cold and gray. A perfect morning for cuddling under the covers, bringing warm cups of coffee and plates of cinnammon toast - or bagels - back to bed with the New York Times, and drifting back to sleep while watching Sunday morning....... Right. Let me introduce you to the Pomegranate very reliable 5:18 wake up call: So what's a gal and a guy to do at 7:00 a.m. on Memorial Day Sunday? We could go to the dog park, but that's so yesterday. How about the beach? Nope, can't bring... Read more →

One minute, you are leaving your son off at nursery school and he's crying for you to come back. (Okay, he never cried for me to come back.) And the next, you are sitting on a field with 2400 other parents, watching your son receive his degree. The day began early and I knew he was excited because when we got there before 8:00 a.m., he was already in his cap and gown and ready to go. The stage is set and ready to receive 1200 degree candidates, including doctorals and masters. The engineering school is the largest constituency at... Read more →

The weather has not exactly been conducive to gardening, but in between the raindrops, we've managed to get the front garden cleaned out and ready for spring. No matter how many plants you stick in the ground and nurture all season, winter is greedy and has its way with them and there are many empty space where once was thriving perennials. So what's a girl to do? The Poms decided that despite a grey, chilly, damp day, it was time for the first trip to the nursery. I have to admit that Mr. Pom had to drag me there. It... Read more →

A week of celebrating for the Pomegranate Family: Mother's Day, Sister's #4 50th birthday Niece #1's 18th birthday. The Princess comes home Thursday for a visit; Friday we leave for MM's college graduation; and Saturday night we go to my cousin's 40th birthday party. It was a gorgeous, clear, sunny Mother's Day. The Empress, Sister #2, The Teen, and I drove into Manhattan to go to Lady Mendl's Tea Salon at the Inn at Irving Place, in the heart of Gramercy Park. The inn, two adjoining townhouses built in 1834, is across the street from Washington Irving's home and down... Read more →

The Teen is still sick! What a treat! I get to be home another day! Seriously, good moms should not be happy when their kid is sick and they have to stay home with them. Ergo, I am a bad mom. If only I had thought of that moniker sooner, I, too, could be on book tour like Ayelat Waldman. I'm always a day late and a dollar short. The Teen's flulike/streplike symptoms (high fever, achey, earaches, sore throat, congestion) tested negative for the above and we are left with a run-of-the-mill REALLY BAD cold. That's what the official diagnosis... Read more →