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has happened to summer?* Oh, but that this was MY office space for the summer..... And these were MY office supplies. . . Ya think this is belongs to a New Jersey housewife?(Totally blaming the weather on my new addiction to trashy reality series.....) Note to self: So quit bitching about the weather and start making some art.... and no butts about it (totally blaming the weather for lame blog jokes......) ____________ ****this font brought to you by The Teen (not really, but in her honor). Read more →

CURRENTLY CONTEMPLATING Buying a row house in Baltimore by the harbor And then a camp on the Eastern Shore Eating more steamed crabs on a tablecloth of Kraft paper Buying a French press for al fresco morning cafe au laits Wondering whether The Teen will eat anything other than sugar for 4 weeks Wondering where The Teen gets her courage to go off alone to work 12 hours a day at her passion for 4 weeks Whether I can justify my third coffee of the day Redoing our bedroom to look like a boutique hotel: sisal wall to wall upholstered... Read more →


I have removed the new widget that runs at the bottom of the posts as "you might like these stories" because I think the script is causing the access issues some of you have been reporting. If anyone is still having trouble accessing the posts or leaving comments, please drop me a line at so I can continue to work with SixApart to resolve the problem. Thanks! Read more →

We've had so much rain that the plant and bushes are just bursting with growth, sending tendrils up in the air and grabbing at anything to support their waterlogged stems. I have never had lusher roses and hydrangeas. Now we hold our breath that the rain tapers off because we are just on this side of garden rot and it if doesn't dry out soon, we are going to start to lose a lot of plants. As well as our sanity. Pictures of the garden? Pictures of the new garden bed? Would be nice, no? But the rain again....too dark... Read more →

Little Miss Perfect

Today is the calm before the storm - again - because tomorrow is D-Day: pack up The Teen for her month long pre-college program far away. It will be a mad dash of a day to Target, grocery store, a shoe store, the art store and packing, washing, ironing. And since it may be the only day we spend together this summer until we go to the Cape, I am hoping for a mother daughter mani/pedi and quick zip into the city to our fave place for breakfast. Now that The Teen has a job, she's no longer our sweet... Read more →

In the early afternoon of a misty, grey Saturday, we found ourselves in our favorite Cape bookstore, The Brewster Bookstore. I certainly didn't need to be there; my big blue bike bag was full of books I'd brought from home: Life Among the Savages by Shirley Jackson: This was a Cornflower recommendation (increasingly the source of all my favorite reads). Written b the author of The Haunting of Hill House and the short story, The Lottery, this pre-Erma Bombeck memoir of raising a young family in Vermont is splendid - witty, intelligent and just infectiously good-humored. I had to follow... Read more →

Grace Between the Raindrops

It has been an incongruous spring and early summer. Instead of sweet-smelling evenings and light-filled days, rain has wrapped round us like late fall and the evenings dim with cloud coverage and cold temperatures meant for blankets and cups of tea instead of ceiling fans and lemonade. We're a little bit tired of it, wearied of it, really. My wardrobe of new skirts and patent leather sling backs seems to mock me each morning and I have to resist my goose fleshed arms reach for turtlenecks and wool pants and yes, even boots. I know it's the 8th straight day... Read more →

The Calm Before The Storm

Dudettes! I am so tired! Getting ready for MM's graduation party and a wicked week at work. But - look! The sun and blue skies for the first time since last Sunday!! Woo hoo! Just in time for the tent to be delivered so we don't have water dripping on the tables. We've cleaned out the rooms, made space in the kitchen, put all the leaves in the dining room table, ordered the food, and gotten loads of candles - oh, and beer. (They are all over 21...) Tune in Sunday for pics of the big event. If I'm not... Read more →