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My entire day was distracted due to casual glancing at the arts section of The New York Times before going to work, and seeing this. My entire day. The sound you are hearing over and over is my palm repeatedly hitting my forehead. Did you ever feel like someone just beat you to the punchline of your life? I just exported my entire blog and I'm printing it out to take on vacation. Let the writing begin. Read more →

Tuesday evening, Mystery Man and I are the only ones home. Mr. Pom is out at a business thingie and The Teen has returned to work (partee's ovah). Warm and muggy today but we are on the porch with the ceiling fan on high. The dogs are wet and exhausted from being at the dog beach. They've eaten, though, and now they are having a protein spike and are having a roaring old time fighting over a dishtowel. As it is not one of my Calphalon or Williams Sonoma dishtowels that I hang for company, I let them run around... Read more →

In the deep of winter, when the lakes were solid blocks of ice and the wind scoured the snow that clung to the earth like a down comforter, The Teen was picturing her summer vacation. She was not fantasizing about Cape Cod, or Aruba, or backpacking through Europe. No, she was fixed on an idea: immersing herself in the study of what she was coming to believe was her passion: art. Her idea was to go away for the summer and be a part of a program that allows high school students to experience a college environment and college-level classes... Read more →

Tonight Mrs. Pom sat down to finally upload 172 photos from the past month. She plugged everything in and waited. And waited. And waited. Then began to complain and whine and curse the new camera that she so hates. Mystery Man offered to help and she replied in despair, "Why, why? What can you do, it's broken!" Finally, Mystery Man took the hint and grabbed the laptop and the camera. "Mother" (you know what it means when the son calls the mother, Mother). "You are using your power cord as the USB cord". Oops. Problem resolved, upstairs she trooped to... Read more →

Inside Out

Waiting to talk to you and you and you. Stories fill my head and wait for me to have time to get them out. I can feel them shifting inside my brain, causing me to feel more than slightly scattered, more than slightly full up to the brim, and wanting, wanting,wanting, to pull over on the side of life and just transcribe all I see. How many of you have this affliction? Do you find yourself recording blog posts in your brain, wishing desperately that you had a dictaphone or instant messaging that went right from the left hemisphere directly... Read more →

Currently Contemplating

The inordinate delight of a summer evening on the porch The coolness of the breeze as it lifts the damp air off my neck The soft yellow glow of the firefly lights Mr. Pom faithfully strings around the porch The indulgent luxury of a ceiling fan outdoors The complete silliness of two large dogs dancing in the darkness as they snap at the fireflies The feeling of being in the swaying treetops while lying on the porch sofa taking a pre-bed al fresco nap The sweetness of The Princess being homesick and the pleasure in sending her a ticket to... Read more →

I spent my summers with my nose in a book. I had a bicycle with two fender baskets and I could fill them with at least five books each. I was an indiscriminate reader and the branch library was small. I started on one end and worked my way to the other. Couldn't get to the library? I read and reread Nancy Drew, The Bobbsey twins, and my parents' Readers Digests Condensed Books. And of course, the magazines we always had in the house. I didn't understand where I fit in my family. Middle children always have to define their... Read more →

A most delicious, lazy Saturday. Nowhere to go and nothing to do, and that suits the Poms just fine. A morning walk with Cucciolo and Bella Sera through the woods with all their fave friends: Sacha, Bella, and Charlie. Mr. and Mrs. Pom park them in their crates for a snooze and sneak off to Cafe Oo La La for coffee and a sweet and sour crepe. (lemon juice and crystallized sugar). At home, Mr. Pom announces that he is looking forward to looking forward washing both cars, his favorite pastime (who knew?) Mrs. P takes herself in hand and... Read more →

Into Each Life a Little Rain. . .

Last night at midnight, I was awoken by a massive, rolling boom of thunder followed by an intense bolt of lightning right over the house. I jumped right out of the bed and Bella Sera jumped off the floor and stared at me as if to say, "What are you humans doing now?" Within seconds, the wind began to shriek and there was a thunder, wind, and rain storm the likes of which I haven't seen since we left Memphis. The wind shear was incredible and the rain was coming in horizontal sheets as thick as snow. The trees were... Read more →