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Sunday Eve

Sunday evening at the Pomegranates is cool and quiet. Cucciolo is very busy with a bone and Bella Sera is passed out at my feet, asleep next to her son. We are gathered around the porch table eating a variety of catch as catch can for Sunday supper. I am content with some cheese, bread, and tomatoes, and the other 3 are eating penne a la vodka from the Italian place up the street. The Teen and I have just returned from a college visit to the state college 90 minutes away. It has a great art program and is... Read more →

The Sweet Life

Typepad has just eaten not one, but two of my witty, erudite, and pithy posts. I was all like, oh, vacation and work and dreary vs. happy, and wow, balancing my life v. work, entertainment vs. relaxation and woo-woo, self-insight, etc. Not a work kept. Twice. I hate you tonight, typepad. soooooo - what's new? I was actually looking forward to going back to work. I needed some routine, missed wearing my summer dresses, and actually like the people I work with. But now it's Tuesday night, I've worn two dresses, rebonded with everyone, and I'm wondering if I could... Read more →

One minute you are sailing along on your vacation, Up to your neck in unfettered days, Confident that the salt, sea, and sun will regenerate your missing limbs. And then, whomp! Your shadow is suddenly longer. As the world keeps spinning round. But when we leave this time, we can hope that we will soon have a piece of this magic to call our own. Thank you all for your good wishes. And yes, once we get this house closed, cleaned, prepped, painted, and furnished there's gonna be a Par-Tee! And .... some art and writing retreats...stay tuned!!! Read more →

That Old Cape Magic

This narrow land really is a sacred place for the Pomegranates. We've been coming here for about 25 years and every town, road, beach, pond, and bay holds memories for us of our children as babies, of my sweet daddy who was here for his 70th birthday before he passed away, of my mom playing in the water with the kids, of my sisters all together with new husbands, of my kids learning to swim, of renting houses with our cousins, and just endless days spent on the beach, on whale watches, of cooking lobsters at home, and of being... Read more →

Popping my head in to say hello. One week down, one to go. Lots of comings and goings. Mr. Pom and The Princess have gone home. The cousins and aunt and uncle are here and we are spending long days at the beach with all of them. Cucciolo has learned to swim now, too, though neither dog seems to favor it, preferring just to splash around. Bella Sera, actually, is obsessed with the minnows that appear in the shallows and you can't get her attention to save your life. What have I done? Read a little, painted a little, swam,... Read more →

Before I Change My Mind

I am writing this very, very quickly before I change my mind: no new posting on Pomegranatesandpaper until we return from vacation. I have a huge suitcase full of books, art supplies, a half-finished journal, and writing projects, and I am sitting on the deck blog surfing for hours.... I have to use this time creatively if I am ever to become who I am meant to be. Love you all, and I may post some photos if MM remembers the cable. Otherwise, I know you will understand that I can't just keep dreaming the impossible dream.... Read more →

August Nights

The summer night is like a perfection of thought. ~Wallace Stevens Monday grew as warm and humid as a petrie dish, enveloping us with typical August weather in a summer that has been anything but. We had yet to have those sultry evenings where the mosquitoes are plentiful and our beach towels are still damp by morning. But they are here now and the dogs are antsy, flopping from floor to floor, searching for a spot to cool their fur. The Princess, Sister #2, and I sit on the deck as long as we can until it is too dark... Read more →

Our pretty house is right up the street from the Brewster General Store. We can walk there for our breakfast coffee and our after dinner penny candy. Yesterday was clear, sunny, and breezy. Today was sunny and HOT HOT HOT. Yay! Finally! It's summer! We're slathering on the sunscreen, hiding under the umbrella, and hanging out down by the water. We've swum, swammed, swimmed with the dolphins dogs at the dog beach. We've eaten a lobster rolls, boiled our own lobsters and corn, and eaten more lobster rolls. We've made burgers and dogs, cooked bacon and eggs, eaten mangoes and... Read more →

So today, very apropos post for Mrs. Pom in the New York Times on what to pack as a Kitchen Essential for your summer vaca on the Cape. (An aside: I'm reading the article in the car outside Starbucks at 7:00 a.m., pretending that I'm already at the beach and don't have to drop off the dogs, who are breathing down my neck just in case I happened to get a croissant that I might want to share as if I would share a $3 piece of bad pastry with two dogs which I probably would, sigh. Anyway. I'm reading... Read more →