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In the spirit of a Very Famous Blogger, I have decided to write monthly s whenever I feel like it newsletters tp my children the dogs. Dear Cucciolo and Bella Sera, Where has your first year of life gone, Cucch? And Bella, you've only been here since March, but it is like you were always here. In fact, I can't remember life without either of you. But I do remember MORNINGS without both of you. I remember when we used alarm clocks. And occasionally overslept. Or stayed in our pajamas and drank coffee and read the papers in bed. Sometimes... Read more →

Hey, guess what? My camera and I are finally in the same room at the same time with the laptop! And everything is charged!'s Johnny! During our travels this summer, we woke up early one Sunday morning in Baltimore and The Teen took us of in search of the Farmer's Market. She'd been there earlier in the summer and had called me from it to say I would love it. And I did! We have Farmer's Markets around here, of course, but the suburban ones tend to be pretty small and standard fare. Of course, there's always the Union... Read more →


Mid-week and the weather is more akin to August than September. Hot and humid with a dash of muggy on the side, just enough for a nice dish of headache with a side of hair frizzies. Grumpy? Not really, just trying to get through the week with a sinus infection. I tried to ignore it for about ten days, hoping it would go away with antibiotics, but it's come back full force and I am doing things like going to bed at 8:00 and waking up at 2:00 with a pounding head. This in turn, makes me very lethargic and... Read more →

Time to Eat

Let's face it: Any time is Time to Eat time. At least for me. But the change of seasons do evoke an appetite to have what we haven't had for a year. Though truth be told, I think we pretty much eat a lot of the same things year round. Living in New York, we have the advantage of great restaurants, incredible food sources like Farmer's Markets and specialty stores, Right now, the stores are full of the fixings for brisket and potato pancakes (latkes) and you don't have to be Jewish to crave some pastrami on rye with mustard,... Read more →

I can stick my head in the sand, but my butt would be cold. A rather inelegant way of saying, the seasons have changed. I know they've changed because I put on a sweater and blouse I haven't worn since last year and "trouser socks" - how dorky does that sound? But that's what they call them at Lord & Taylor. It sounds as though rifle shots are cracking in my driveway as thousands of tiny acorns hit the car and pavement from my neighbor's gigantic oak tree. I frantically bought a pair of boots on sale because they always... Read more →

1. I had to look up 5 cases for court tomorrow and the connection from home is SO slow. 2. Mr. Pom and I had an argument about where to put the giant dog crates. 3. The giant dogs wanted to be petted. 4. The giant dogs wanted to have a fabric doughtnut-like Frisbee thrown in the house a 100 times for them to fetch. 5. The giant Bella Sera dog needed to be held in my ;ap and petted like a lap dog because she never gets the primary attention away from her son, The Prince of Dogs. 6.... Read more →

My family says I walk too slowly. In fact, my husband says that I walk more slowly than anyone he has ever met. Last weekend, the three of us were walking along a street in Baltimore. The Teen and I were talking and just looking around and Mr. Pom was a few steps ahead. Every five feet, he'd stop and turn and wait for us to catch up those few steps and then begin again. After about three times of this, I said, "Stop! You're making me nervous!". He laughed. I just can't go fast enough for him. In general,... Read more →

The first day of school - I have butterflies and I'm not even in school and The Teen doesn't start until Friday. But how I love new beginnings and this fall so many doors are opening for us and beckoning us to enter and begin a new journey. Simple things, like The Teen learning how to navigate the train and taxi into the city and being able to go in on her own when she has art assignments to visit galleries or just hang out with friends. My oldest niece began college this year and I will miss her smiling... Read more →

A lovely Cape Cod cottage...and no, not ours. I feel like I haven't sat down and had a proper chat with you for the entire summer! The Pomegranates have been on the run since early May, when our summer of milestone events began with Mystery Man's graduation, my cousin's 40th birthday party, MM's graduation party, frequent trips to the Cape to look for houses, trips back and forth to Maryland to transport The Teen to and from her summer art program, our Cape vacation with all the kids, including The Princess, and other family, began the process of having a... Read more →

I was very sad to learn that Sheila Lukins, the co-author of The Silver Palate Cookbooks, passed away this weekend at 66 years of age. I treasure my Silver Palate Cookbooks as they were my introduction to A Romantic Life. . I never learned to cook more than scrambled eggs at home and when I moved out and had to learn to cook, I usually just picked up the phone and called my mother or my aunt and asked "how-to's" as in how to make meatloaf, lasagna, chicken cutlets, beef stew, mashed potatoes, in other words, basic home cooking. My... Read more →