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Mr. Pom and I are headed to here this weekend. It will only be the second time we've stayed at the house. What with one thing or another, we haven't had a free weekend to go. I hope to even have the chance to take the sales slip off the sofa. Isn't that little table cute? Maybe I should bring it home here. (I see this as a continuing dilemma: do I buy this for our regular house or the Cape cottage? Or buy two. As if!) You are looking at all the furniture in the entire house except the... Read more →

Mr. Pom evinced a desire over the summer to read The Bolter, Frances Osborne's book about her great-grandmother, Lady Idina Sackville, cousin of Vita Sackville-West. Lady Idina was the inspiration for Nancy Mitford's character, The Bolter, who is the mother who abandons the main character in her early childhood. I suggested to Mr. Pom that he read Nancy Mitford's novel instead, but alas, somehow I managed to marry a man who does not read fiction. He reads tons and tons, but just not fiction. He adores history and has read his way through all of American history, with a very... Read more →

What Have I (Not) Done

Last week, I came home from work full of vim and vigor and got A Lot of Stuff Done. This week (I know it's only Monday), not so much. Intended to do some writing but instead spent the evening watching Coccon with Mr. Pom and The Princess, who had never seen it. And found out that The Teen never saw Ghost Busters! Can you believe the movie education I have to give these kids?? So here is my list of things I haven't done that I should have done and that some of you out there even are waiting for... Read more →

I have to say that I really am a very shallow person. It takes very little to make me change my mood. The last few weeks we've had cold, rainy weather. Everyone is griping about losing autumn the same way we lost most of the summer. Although I am happy to put on a warm sweater and boots, I am not happy to realize that I will be wearing them for the next nine months. So here comes yesterday and today: temperatures in the 70's! Sun shining through golden oaks! I get in my car to drive home and roll... Read more →

In the front bed, the plants are beginning to show the slow decay of autumn. The hostas are yellowing and their leaves are becoming dessicated. The rudbeckia is almost done and the seed heads will remain as a exclamation points in the snow all winter. The hydrangea are slowly fading away but not before the bush by the front porch turns an absolutely dreamy deep shade of rose and brown, perfect specimens to dry and keep in my mother's silver chafing dish until spring. My favorite thing of all, though, in the late autumn garden are the white asters. I... Read more →

I have a lot on my head. That's an expression The Empress uses. Not "a lot on my mind", but "a lot on my head". It's kinda funny, don't you think? Nothing really important or earth-shattering going on. Just very busy at work and since I was away three weekends in a row, lots of household and family stuff to catch up on. We were supposed to go to the Cape last weekend and chickened out when the nor-easters starting coming through. But I got so much done! Mailed out artwork, emailed essays, returned library books, deposited checks, brought back... Read more →

Under the covers with the laptop a la lap and Cucciolo's head resting on my feet. Bella Sera is lurking around here somewhere and soon as the Baby Mama gets wind that her son is on the bed, she will demand her due and end up squished up against me under my left arm. Makes typing a bit difficult. Just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to get the dock back on the Mac after Cucciolo laid his head on the keyboard and the dock disappeared. I left Thursday early from work to drive up the beautiful Merritt... Read more →

We Did It

This may have been the two busiest weeks of my life, not counting 1) when we had babies #2 and #3, and our four moves cross country. So forgive the spotty posting, which I hate to tell ya, is going to continue for at least another handful of days as I am about to leave after work tomorrow for Art Is. (see sidebar on left - bet there are still a coupla walk in spots should any of you locals care to make it to THE East Coast Art Event and not only meet ME, but take some great art... Read more →