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Take 5 lbs of sugar. An Internet Recipe Every pot and pan and a bag of tortilla chips. Some arty shots by the art student. A lot of food coloring. A dare. Attempt Success It was a rainy, boring night. But she was still a woman with a plate full of cupcakes and no flour on her hands. Read more →

Thank you, Blackbird, for bestowing such a cool award on me, as this is nothing if not a scrappy blog, filled with bits and pieces of floating detritus of the mind. The rules are 10 random facts about me followed by nominations of 7 bloggers that I hold dear. A perfect exercise for a rainy Thanksgiving Eve by the fire, my stomach full of lentil soup, and my feet up. 1. My mother wanted to name me Lenore after my father's sister but my mother's mother nixed it and I became Loretta. 2. I went to a hippie high school... Read more →

This is the season of harvest; the time to reap the hard-earned fruits of the earth. The sun is low in the sky and the days are very short. As much as I revel in the long, porch and coffee evenings of summer, I also delight in early lamplit evenings that call for bowls of warm stew shared round the table by candlelight. The dark evenings make home beckon and nothing is more delightful than a cup of Earl Grey on my nightstand, a new book, and two warm dogs on either side. We are about to begin Advent and... Read more →

I picked up a tiny reading light no bigger than a business card. It has a halogen bulb and is perfect for reading on our weekend trips up the coast. The unfortunate part of getting away on a Friday in the fall and winter is the early darkness. Yesterday, it was too dark to read by 4:54 (I looked at the dashboard) and I opted to drive the first half of the trip so I could look forward to reading on the second half with my new little light. I purchased this book on my last trip to the Cape.... Read more →

I am here to confess to you that I did something today that I never dreamed I would ever do. On Thursday, November 19th, exactly one week before Thanksgiving, I, Mrs. Pomegranate, walked across my office, flipped up the lid to my CD player and played Christmas music. I wouldn't have thought of it, really I wouldn't have, except it was so dark and raining and I was so, so tired. And I'd bought a Christmas CD at Starbucks this morning. I was so moved by their festive holiday decorating. I loved the white snow and fir branch decals that... Read more →

To celebrate the abundance of fall, Mr. Pom and I took a ride up to Truro Vineyards. Their slogan is, "Great Beaches and Great Wine". I don't think you can improve on that. It is a small vineyard with a lovely old farmhouse and a modern open air pavilion in the back with a bar and tables and chairs for wine tasting. The house dates back to the early 1800's and is nestled in a crook of the old Route 6A. The day we were there was cold and drizzly and some wine tasting would have warmed us up considerably,... Read more →

It's 65 degrees! On November 15th! Mr. Pom and I are eating a late lunch of molasses and balsamic vinegar slow-cooked pork roast on the porch as if it were September. What a glorious day! We decided to stay home this weekend as I was having a severe case of fall nesting syndrome. This is a mildly contagious disease that appears in my family, erupting more virulently as the holidays approach. I can't rest or feel at ease until I have the house in order and ready to host Thanksgiving. Yes, I know it is the week after next, but... Read more →

Little by little, Mr. Pom and I are bringing up to the cottage the things we will need. It's a slow process since the cargo area of the car is always full of dogs. 25 years ago, we bought a Sears cartop carrier, affectionately called "The Bubble" and though we have lost all the original straps, a set of bungee cords work well. It's not the sleekest or most fashionable cartop carrier anymore, but very serviceable. What we have learned is that whatever you can buy off Cape is worth the gas the lug it up there because there's not... Read more →

All right, I know I've been a lurker blogger. (Yes, it is possible to be a lurker blog reader and a lurker blogger). I have definitely been in the latter category lately and frankly, it probably won't dramatically change any time soon. But you shouldn't worry about it (as if you don't have other things you worry about, it's just me right??) because my absence from the internet means I am reading and writing more, working on some art for the cottage, going to the cottage with Mr Pom for lovely, weekends alone, and hanging out my kids and the... Read more →

Q & A Part II

Kelly wants to know: what # sister are you out of the five, never did pick that up in any old postings? I am the middle girl. Doesn't that explain everything. I Am The Glue That Holds Everyone Together can you walk to the beach/shops from the cottage? You could walk to the beach, but it takes 8 minutes by car so probably would take you about a half hour at least! The shops are closer and you definitely can walk there, especially to the coffee place and that's all I worry about. Plus there's a cute bookstore right on... Read more →