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As 2009 sets sail, the Pomegranates wish you and yours health, prosperity, and most of all, creativity for 2010. May your year be blessed with blue skies, with calm waters, refreshing breezes, and sunny days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming round all year, for leaving such supportive and witty comments, and for bringing me the luxury of knowing that my words do matter, that my thoughts make a difference, and that I have friends scattered like jewels across the beauty of this earth! Read more →

I popped into work today and never looked up from 8 till 5. But I got all the year end matters cleared up and my desk tidied. I now have clear sailing for a week off. Christmas is not over at our house, though we are sad that Mystery Man is traveling back to work. We've loved having him home. Yesterday evening, he and Mr. Pom were watching the Jets game and there was a lot of very loud and raucous cheering and yelling. When my Dad used to watch football, he would scare the life out of you by... Read more →

If your house is like my house, you are digging out of the rubble of torn Christmas wrapping paper, bedraggled ribbons, and demolished gift boxes. There is tinsel stuck to the back of your pj's and your tables are littered with paper plates containing sticky remnants of hardened icing and shredded tinfoil from chocolate Santas. You are weary and bleary and wondering just how you are going to wash out the ten gallon drum of lobster water that is sitting on a propane ring in the backyard, threatening to topple onto two rambuctious dogs that are hopped up on filched... Read more →

Well, we are just about up to our ears in goodness and felicitations and everything sentimental you can think of for this holiday Christmas season. First of all, it is going to snow, big snow, a real blow of snow, and we will have a white Christmas. Secondly, although we want it to snow we are hoping it is not too much snow, because we have lots and lots of plans this weekend. Saturday we will grocery shop, bake, and wrap. Sunday morning we are going to the city for brunch and sightseeing. Then, and this is the really big... Read more →

The Poetic Eye's prompt for today is, The Miracle of Light The Jewish people understand the Miracle of Light. They were able to survive with a tiny bit of oil for 8 days through a miracle. Our miracle is not so extraordinary or of monumental religious and historical significance. Except for us. Our miracle of the light is the celebration of family that we created our the last twenty years with traditions and customs and rituals that we have robbed, cobbled, morphed, and created out of whole cloth. Our family year culminates on Christmas Eve when we have dinner and... Read more →

LK Ludwig is sponsoring a lovely venture on her blog, The Poetic Eye. She is posting a prompt a day from December 14 to January 1st to inspire you to capture a photo that day of the light of winter. I think it the perfect way to celebrate the earth's return to lengthening days after the solstice. And a nice gift, a quiet offering each day in the midst of the cacaphony that can be Christmas. I will mainly be posting from my stock of photos, new and repostings of some of my favorite photographs.I am adding some text to... Read more →

Sunday Evening Rain Is Falling

And has been falling all day. I did not get out of my pajamas today. No breakfast out, no walk with the dogs. It was dark when we got up and remained dark and dreary and wet, with the rain getting harder as the day progressed. I was blessed to have weather that made me want to stay in my flannels and hair unkempt and slippers on. Our trips to the Cape got me entirely in arrears for the December submission to CPS. Never have I been so behind! Saturday morning found me in full panic mode, with two shopping... Read more →

Advent of Winter

I have spent most of the lead time up to Thanksgiving and and now saying, doesn't feel like it's time. Surely we need a few more weeks. Shouldn't there be two months between Thanksgiving and Christmas? I'm really not talking about the ubiquitous rant that we all hear about Christmas being overdone and commercialized and advertised too soon. We all know that. I just do my best to ignore it and concentrate on the things that make me happy. No, I just think the years fly by. And the weather! 60 degrees the first weekend of December? Just not making... Read more →

I am so funny. Anyway. The Princess would feel very hurt if I didn't post her baking adventures. Though she wants the record to reflect that no boys were involved, mainly because The Physicist is in Italy doing...uh, physics stuff. This is The Princess's friend, Jessica. Isn't she adorable? And doesn't my baking area look so cute for Christmas?? I've decided that even though I have the grottiest kitchen in the world, I might as well try to make it a little nicer. Where was I? This is her another cutie pie friend, Tiffany. While the parents were in Cape... Read more →