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Going to Earth Angels HeArt of the Winter Art Show has become a tradition for the Art Is You girls. Last year, we stayed at a B&B and had a leisurely two days to see the show and visit all the cute boutiques in town, as well as have tea at Charlotte's Tea Room and several trips to the very hip coffee house. This year, we were happy to get there at all, what with everyone's busy schedule. We left a little later, were yakking so much in the car that we overshot the exit by about 30 miles, got... Read more →

We've been lulled into thinking it must be at least March because winter has dragged on for a long time, it seems, and the temps have been rather moderate. UNTIL TODAY! 14 degrees on the Mini thermometer this morning, folks! Because guess what: it is still January - heart of the winter! People in my office are getting a little nutsy about it. There's a lot of sighing and dragging of feet in the morning. Sweaters are getting older and rattier. Uggs are being worn with skirts. RUNNY noses are the norm. And there's lots and lots of chocolate and... Read more →

Saturday was my kind of Spa Day. I could never sit still long enough nor feel justified to spend money on pampering myself with mannies, peddies, and massages, but a day of art in not one but two lovely settings, plus a catered, delicious lunch, and the company of some of the loveliest women I've met, including my two buds, The Art Is You Ladies, to quote the TV commercials: priceless! I have been so busy this week with work and art deadlines that I haven't had a sec to upload any photos. So I am shamelessly directing you to... Read more →

When we spent New Year's on the Cape, there was an enormous snow storm. Two days of snow kept us all housebound and on Monday, when the sun finally came out, The Teen and I had to skedaddle home back to work and school. Mr. Pom and The Princess, however, had some extra days to spend. The Princess and The Boyfriend had a great time driving around after the storm and she captured some gorgeous pictures of a very different Cape than we are used to in the summer. I think she has a real eye and talent and I'm... Read more →

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

No one told me when I got older, how much I would miss the old ones. Oh, don't get me wrong, I was a depressed (and depressing) child and lord knows that I mourned my grandmother 30 years before she died. But I'm not talking about that. Tonight I am missing the old and all that goes with them. Somehow, the last ten years, my family has flattened out. If you were to graph our ages on a spreadsheet, there's big a flat, broad clump of 40 to 60 year old's with a measly few spikes up to the 70's... Read more →

It's late evening on Saturday and I've been lying on my bed for several hours. But it's not what you think - I had about fifty yards of fabric all over the bed while I pulled luscious reds for a new mixed media piece. After making a huge mess and throwing Cucciolo off the bed where I found him each and every time I went into the art mess room to find something, I decided that the background fabric needed to be painted. Being a totally impatient artist and completely winging this project (so what else is new), I got... Read more →

I can drive for hours as long as I have something to listen to. I tend to get a CD and play it into the ground. If you play that "Brooklyn" song one more time (Avett Brothers), Mr. Pom warns, I'll jump out of the car. Hmmpf. So I use the Ipod, figuring if it's okay to have a Bluetooth on in the car, why isn't it okay to have earphones on? Besides, I usually wear only one. So I started downloading books on Itunes. The first one, couldn't stand the narrator and it put me off the book. The... Read more →

In the deep, hot days of summer, when I am laid out flat on my back with the fan blowing at 6:00 a.m. and a list of gardening chores to do, I dream of winter. In the midst of late fall, when the shopping lists for Thanksgiving are longer than my arm and the Christmas catalogues begin clogging my mailbox, I dream of winter. Be careful what you dream of..... The holidays are truly and finally over. The tree, a wizened, arthritic skeleton of its fragrant, bushy former self, was dragged out to the curb and the needles swept up... Read more →

No, not really. But Mr. Pom and Bella Sera stayed the rest of the week on the Cape. So The Teen and I have been living the high life - no cooking, take out food, hanging out with Cucciolo to all hours watching reality TV (Jersey Shore but I'll never admit to it). Mr. Pom was itching to get to his projects and he has been a painting fool this week. How weird is it for me to be getting calls all day or emails with photos attached with various thrifting finds and whether I think they can be gussied... Read more →

Mr. Pom and I spent New Year's Day toasting ourselves with decaf skim caps (party animals that we are) at our fave coffee place. It was a poignant moment, which was marked with egg and ham on an English, because we had sat at the very table on New Year's Day 2009 and met with a realtor as we formulated a plan to buy a place on the Cape. And we did. Anyhoo. This is how our trips go: I tell him I am too busy/tired/crazed to go up there. Then I get enthused as the work week drags on.... Read more →