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You know, lately, I've been reconsidering "stuff". I think I have too much. I need a cleaner, pared down, streamlined, fresh approach to my house and my life. I am ready to deaccession tons of stuff, pull down all the curtains, put up matchstick blinds, eschew wallpaper, go neutral, slipcover everything in muslin, and pull up up the patterned rugs and go sisal. And then I innocently click on Apartment Therapy and I am completely bowled over by this: And this: Followed by: And the happiness of: Head over to Apartment Therapy to see more photos in Part 1 and... Read more →

My waistline cannot take another snow day. I made braised pork roast with honey, ginger, and soy. I made chicken soup with vegetables. I made blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast for the girls (like I didn't eat any, right). I cleaned out the freezer and found a frozen Hershey bar from summer s'mores. I et it. I shoveled. A lot. Cursed the snowblower that has been broken for two years. Then shoveled some more. Then I pushed The Teen out to finish it. I let the dogs in and out more times than a pregnant woman sipping a Slushy... Read more →

Sick of winter? Disheartened by today's rain and tomorrow's snowfall? Ready to shed the boots, Uggs, tights, pants, scarves, and heavy coats? Run, don't walk into the nearest city! Sometimes you have to leave your little bit of the world and venture into strange and unfamiliar territory to refresh your senses: This sweet lady knew just what was needed for late February: More Red! Okay, maybe she did overdo it a little, but she provided us with a couple of blocks of giggles as we stalked and darted behind trucks in order to capture this rare bird in all her... Read more →

Photo by The Teen By myself in my art room at 9:30 Saturday morning. The rest of the family is driving California Teen to JFK. I hope she had a good week - she got the plague almost as soon as she got here and there was much coughing and worried calls from her mom. But I think we saved the rest of the week and I'll post about yesterday later. [Post-edit: The Teen has it now and it is officially bronchitis. My throat feels a little scratchy, too.....] This morning, the sun is shining, the dogs are sleeping, and... Read more →

Ash Wednesday. The penitential season has begun. 40 days of praying and fasting in the desert to cleanse our souls and bring us through the heart of darkness into the eternal life of spring's resurrection. It is early this year, this Lenten season. We wi ll be delivered through to Easter when there is still a very strong grip of winter on our hearts. It always makes me sad to see winter coats and heavy sweaters on Easter morning church goers. In my mind, Easter is fuzzy chicks and white straw hats and new ballet flats. This week we had... Read more →

I made this snowman in Charlotte's class. She cleverly had designed a snowman made from a woolen sock. Such a simple idea for a sweet day. I decided to make mine a Valentine Snowman. I wanted to send it to a special friend who was going through a very rough time. I thought it would be the perfect combination of sweetness and whimsy that would bring a smile to her face. It never made the trip. I had left it on a table in the living room while I looked for a box and tissue paper. Cucciolo was right behind... Read more →

Thank you all for your birthday wishes! I rarely have my Blackberry on at work except for phone calls, but since I was in the office all day on my birthday, I took all the emails and facebook messages and I have to tell you it really made me smile! I had such a great day that I wanted to share my beautiful birthday cake with you. ONLY KIDDING! No, not 40~ That's my beautiful cousin Alison's birthday cake from last year. Take the 40 had 20 minus 5 times 2 plus 45% = I ain't telling! But really, it... Read more →

Art Is You has opened their early regisration for the Columbus Day weekend retreat. Huh? You say? Columbus Day? Wasn't it just Columbus Day? Yes, the year goes faster and faster and apparently due to something in our brains that processes events more slowly as we age (or so I heard on NPR...I think I remember since my brain is old, too.) Art Is ....Wicked this year! I urge you, nay, plead with you for the sake of your artistic impulses or lack thereof, to take a gander over there at the variety and breadth of classes being offered! Not... Read more →

Midwinter birthdays are TOUGH! Plans snowed out. Nothing going on.Too cold and dreary to imagine doing anything. Should I take the day off? Ive no one to hang out with. Very easy to have a pity party. Instead, I give to you (sorry, I ain't gifting, I am giving) pics that make me smile, laugh, and generally wonder: was it ever that warm and will it ever be that warm again?? That's me in the photo above. I'll save my day off and spend it just like that in about two months when the weather starts to warm up and... Read more →