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The Lives We Lead

I want to thank those of you that left comments and wrote to me off line about my last few posts. I really thought long and hard about whether I should do the last post and exactly what I should say. The reality of life online is that we do think that we know others as intimately as their posts appear to reveal themselves. But how many of us really represent to the online community our true selves, warts and all? For that matter, how many people truly represent to the world their true nature in all aspects in real... Read more →

After the Palm Sunday cemetery visits and the sadness at hearing of Patti Gregory's death, the last thing I want to share with you is more sadness. But I was shocked to click on Elspeth Thompson's blog and read a post from her husband informing her readers that she had died on Thursday. Elspeth was a journalist who wrote a weekly gardening column for the UK's Sunday Telegraph. She also wrote the wonderful new book,The Wonderful Weekend Book: Reclaiming Life's Simple Pleasures, which celebrated family outings. In addition, she and her husband and five year old daughter had recently moved... Read more →

The last weekend in March, Palm Sunday weekend, and forsythia is blooming, some tulip magnolias have opened, daffodils are out in sunny corners, the lawns are covered with crocus and violets - and it is 28 degrees. Cruel spring, capricious spring, I can bear it because I know it will only become more fulsome as the weeks wend on. This lovely little tableau is one that my sister, Maria, has out. She is so talented in decorating and always hasthe most charming vignettes on her tables. I've gathered up a bunch of Easter objects into a big footed glass urn,... Read more →

The French believe in "terroir", which simply put is that food will carry the essence of the soil, the air, and the sun that is indigenous to its geography. For example, pigs raised on local truffles will taste like pigs raised nowhere else. Vines bearing grapes borne on limestone from a certain valley will produce a wine that is infused with a DNA, so to speak, that cannot be replicated. I believe that terroir applies to more than food. The great artists understand terroir. Their artwork is infused with the textures, colors, and style of their geography. Their art is... Read more →

I am shocked and saddened to learn today of the sudden death of Patti Gregory, the beloved wife of Danny Gregory from what appears to have been a tragic accidentt. I had the pleasure of meeting Patti several years ago in the city at a picnic that Danny organized when he first began the everydaymatters art group. Patti and their son joined us and she was sweet enough to be interested in looking through one my Cape Cod art journals. I remember that she thought it was cool that we regularly went on vacation with assorted members of our family,... Read more →

The day begins when we walk the cove, taking a long, winding well-worn path along the edge of the marsh grass that is just a stubble in March. We climb the long, gray stairs up to the road and load the dogs in the car. The road twists to the left and suddenly, "Look, there!" And across the road trots a large, beautiful glossy, proud red fox. The car stops. We stare out the windows. Fumble for the camera, there! There! The fox doesn't care. He's not unaware of his beauty; to the contrary, he seems quite proud of resplendence.... Read more →

Like many companies, my office has a group that plays the lottery. Put a buck twice a week and you have a chance to live the real American dream, which is to tell your boss to take this job and shove it, and retire to Fiji. Our lottery group has waxed and waned over the years and even was completely disbanded for a couple, the lack of enthusiasm directly attributable to our sum total winnings of $17 over 5 years time. Lately, someone got lottery fever again, specifically Powerball, and a new group formed. The crux of the decision as... Read more →

Work is kicking my butt, internets. I try to have some energy when I get home to post, but usually I open the laptop and mindlessly surf all your blogs. (Not that your blogs are mindless; the adverb is applied to my actions, not yours...or something like that.) What's new? We have been in the midst of nor'easter since last night and as I sit on my bed, it is shaking. I have an old house with plaster walls, so either I have to call in The Exorcist, or it's bad out there. The city is all like in your... Read more →

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the AP Art Class Senior Show. Both The Teen and my adorable niece Laura had their work in the show. Unfortunately, The Teen had bronchitis and had been out of school all week. She forced herself to put on a dress and stand around in a daze with a smile on her face while she coughed her head off. What a trooper! The Teen's concentration for the show was acrylic and collage layers based on the music of Radiohead. She explored the elements and principles of design through a consistent color palette... Read more →