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We observe the lives of others around us and we think we see the sum totality of their circumstances. We think we understand them and that we know all there is to know about their lives. Our view, however, is clouded by our own perceptions, our prejudices, and our expectations. Sometimes we just can't get out of our own way in order to see clearly. Our preconceptions bleed into our view and cloud our vision. There are multiple layers to every story. You can never know the whole truth, so step back, close one eye, and try to discern where... Read more →

Is knowing you don't have to go anywhere. At least for this cold, rainy Sunday morning. Everyone is happy to laze around. Except Cucciolo, who is stamping his paw and whining (what a teen!) and The (actual)Teen who had to go to work. Yesterday was a typical Spring Saturday at the Pomegranates. There was weeding, trimming, raking, fertilizing, washing the fence (!), cleaning the garage, (all Mr. Pom) and buying herbs to plant (me). Of course, the herbs didn't get planted yet. I need at least several weeks between buying the plants and deciding where they go. During that time... Read more →

That one day I would no longer have long hair. Or wear overalls. That I would have more to do all day than twirl my hair. That the year would come when my birthday cake would no longer be bigger than my body. That shiny white hose was only for nurses. That I would be a grandmother so soon. That children would be raised eating raw fish. That men would have hair transplants. That they would supersize it. That I would love to decorate the house for the holidays! (thanks, Elizabeth!) That condoms would be sold at ballgames. That everything... Read more →

Feeling like I just have a regular cold now, thank goodness. I will go to work and slurp all over everyone cause I'm sure not using another sick day. Today gave me a chance to upload all my photos from the Cape. I've decided that I will never run out of houses that I wish I could buy. So the next best thing is to collect them, no? Anyone can collect a house. You needn't own it. You just have to love it, take a photo of it, maybe draw it or paint it. Just add it to the collection... Read more →

I Have a Code in My Node

Started Friday night with sore throat and headache. Gradually began sneezing and sniffling. Full blown snorting, slurping, sneezing, coughing by Monday. People in my office are refusing to come into my office and are instead throwing papers at me that have to be signed. I bring something over to an admin to work on and she begins fanning the air with a file folder. Scuse me? Do I smell? Germs! Then my boss, who will come to work on a stretcher, tells me to go home after I sneeze ten times in the middle of the file room. I tell... Read more →

This weekend we are at the CC Cottage. It is cold and raining, like it is every spring here. I am happy for the quiet and the dark and a day of reading and working in my art journal. I've already broken my diet, eating a cranberry lemon scone toasted in the oven as I type this. Mr. Pom is hiding under the pillows cause Cucciolo was barking his head off in the middle of the night and then he had to walk him at 5:00 a.m. in the rain. Sister #2 is here with us. She was great help... Read more →

Thank you, each and everyone of you, for the beautiful outpouring of response on my wool-gathering post. I was so touched to hear from the lovely readers who have been regulars for all these years, from those readers who occasionally pop their heads in, and from the many who wrote to say they read everyday but have never commented before. Let me assure you that my post was not meant to be a "do you love me post?" Any blogger who has been doing this for more than a year or two understands that blogging is a contemporary activity that... Read more →


Has anyone out there read South of Broad? I really wanted to read and to like Pat Conroy's latest. I love Southern writers and books about the South in general. We consider the South our second home and hold a lot of sentimental feelings for the place where we raised our family. The Prince of Tides became this generation's populist Absalom, Absalom!. So I eagerly snatched up his latest, and then had to wait until The Princess read it. She loves the South and adores Charleston in particular. It is the most peculiar book. The first part is quite lovely,... Read more →

The Middle Aged Blog

What do you think is the lifetime of an average blog? I was astonished to realize how old this blog is, in fact I had to verify it with the Typepad billing records because I could not believe that I began this blog in November 2003. In blog years, I think that makes it 60 years old! Some blogs go in the blink of an eye. Others develop a furious following and make an ascent into the stratosphere of posts and reader hits. Most blogs settle in and develop a coterie of readers and steadily plug out post after post... Read more →

This is the season of growth, the season of rebound after the long, cold days when the earth was frozen over. Verdant spring, a kaleidescope of greens whirls outside my windows. From the yellow greens of the evergreens starting to push out new growth to the tender green of the shoots of fescue, the clean greens of the new oak leaves, and the emerald greens of the grass, I can almost find a match for every green in my paintbox: SAP GREEN PHTHALLO GREEN PYRELENE GREEN OLIVE GREEN PERMANENT GREEN TURQUOISE ULTRAMARINE TURQUOISE (my fave) CADMIUM GREEN CHROMIUM GREEN GREEN... Read more →