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I am the water sign of Aquarius. I have been drawn to the water and its ability to both lift me up and swallow me up all my life. I was a fat child in a world where only ethnic children were fat and I was both. I spent entire summers at the beach, the city beach, where we sat on concrete and played in sand and swam in waters that were occasionally closed by red tide. I had friends at times and at times I had none. I played with my cousins when they were there and tolerated my... Read more →

On Thursday night, my littlest child, my youngest, my "bonus baby", went to a prom. There, I've totally embarrassed her, but hey, that's what mother are for! As Stevie Wonder says, isn't she lovely?? (That's not a flower behind her ear; it's his boutonniere.) As her mother, of course, I think she's lovely. I think she's lovely even if I wasn't her mother. But something is missing from the photo. No, it's not a corsage; she has on a lovely wrist corsage on the arm that is hidden behind her escort. It's not a big necklace; we agreed that silver... Read more →

Slow Sunday

I believe in slow weekends and fast weekdays. Good thing I am not a wizard with power to warp time, or I'd be bending the speed of light forwards and backwards and we'd all need Dramamine. Speaking of which, we have a supply of it in the house cause The Princess either has a stomach bug or food poisoning from the food she at the Subway Series last night at the new Citifield. I either have a stomach bug or gastric bypass issues. Leaning toward the former since it seems both of The Teen's bosses at the cafe had stomach... Read more →

Hey! I found the USB cord to my phone Mr. Pom lent me his USB with strict instructions to return it to his brief case immediately when finished. Hmmpf. Anyway, I managed to transfer 966 (!) photos to my laptop after googling why the media manager for the Blackberry refused to show me any pics. I love google. There's an answer for everything. And then I had to physically drag those photos into different folders so I could find them again. I'm only half done, but Ghost Hunters is on and it's nice background noise. Above is one of the... Read more →

Dearest Darlings

I haven't meant to be so quiet. I just mailed off my artwork to Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and emailed the essay. It's only every two months, but it feels like I do it once a week. I am so incredibly lucky to have this wonderful assignment. Sometimes I take a very long time to come up with a theme and related illustration;sometimes it flies out of my mind and onto the page in a few days. This time it was the former. But I love it nonetheless! I had a wonderful weekend at Earth Angels with the wonderful, Sal, Ellen,... Read more →

What a weekend coming up! If you don’t have a place to go this weekend, then you haven’t poked your head up and taken a gander at the myriad multiples of spring events that are popping up across the country as quickly as the dandelions in my lawn! Even I, the person who never has anywhere to go on a weekend, had 5 different invitations for this weekend. Alas! I had to choose and stuck with the first invited, and why wouldn’t I since it is a return to EARTH ANGELS! The barn is ready again for a delightful mixed... Read more →

I bought some enormous canvases to paint for the cottage. Two large ones for over the summer and two long and narrow rectangles for the kitchen. I decided to do these after we were in a really cute furnishings store in Baltimore and saw really simple graphic paintings with seaside themes. Yes, well, that was several months ago... You know how it is: I am totally intimidated now to do these large paintings that will hang for all to see. And now Mr Pom is getting impatient with the bare walls and threatening to buy some seaside prints that, uh,... Read more →

So when we left the Cape this weekend, we decided to pick up some seafood. Mr. Pom remembered a little fish market he'd seen when we were at The Canal Visitor Center and he got off the highway and found it. I didn't plan to buy much, just a little fish for Mother's Day. The car was packed to the gills, what with the two dogs occupying the cargo area and our suitcases, bags of books, laptops, fabric, sewing machine, pillows, perishable foodstuffs, and weed trimmer in the middle seats. (How is that for a random list.) So really, just... Read more →

Hard to leave the fresh smell of the ocean carried over the pine trees or the gardens that we are impatient to plant. Hard to leave the stillness of the bay that is ours and ours alone each morning, with the flats stretching for a mile at low tide and full of shells and crab carcasses to collect and plenty of malodorous piles of stuff dead and alive to occupy two dogs for hours. The roads to the bay beaches are lined with antique capes, tumbledown farmhouses, and sun bleached bungalows. Hedgerows of lilacs take our breath away with their... Read more →

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who care for, love, and nurture others. May your day be filled with love! We had a marvelous time on the Cape this week. I thought I would have the opportunity write to you each day, but frankly, I was too busy just being in the moment. I promise to post this week about all our adventures! I wish I could send each and every one of you a bouquet of these sweet roses. My future son-in-law sent these to me from Italy. (Wow - that was a really weird sentence to type!!)... Read more →