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Dear Front Garden: Is it wrong to say I love you? Well, I do. I love that you are growing and blooming and spreading your blossoms everywhere without any help from me. You've been a long time coming and we've helped you all the way. We've taken down trees, dug in compost, pickaxed new beds, weeded, and mulched, mulched, mulched. We've spent a trip to Italy on plants and bushes over the years. Now, after all the time, attention, and money we've spent to get you to grow up and out, you are doing just that. We haven't had nary... Read more →

A Small Cup of Chowdah, Please

Two alone with a licorice nib of a dog, furry and sweet. The darkness provides excellent cover for a surreptitious sneak into the beach but the licorice nib barks just as the attendant waves us in with a reminder that the beach closes at midnight. Shamefaced, we hang a left and drove out before we are handcuffed to the outdoor showers, two alone with a licorice nib. No matter, here. There are many other stretches of sand and water lit by an almost full moon, a moon that graced our long drive like a flashlight beacon trained on a backdrop... Read more →


The summer night is like a perfection of thought. -Wallace Stevens We gathered at the edge of the Sound, snug in a little bay formed by an outcrop of land and rocks that juts out just far enough to form a cove perfect for launching both boats and lives. We were there to launch two young adults out into the world and like all families, we brought food and drink and balloons and cake and noise and children and aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins to celebrate. The past two days, we'd shopped and grilled and cooked and chopped... Read more →

Pretend I'm On a Cruise

One of the paralegals is on a cruise for her 50th. She invited her entire family - ENTIRE family! Mom, stepdad, children, grandchildren, and her siblings. I don't know what I was more impressed by: that she wanted to go on a cruise with her entire family; that they all wanted to be together; and that they could all manage to take the time to do it. I know it seems like my family is together all the time, but we're really not. We do holidays, grads, and birthdays, but we really don't hang out together. When I lived in... Read more →

And how happy we are!! Though we wish every weekend could be spent at The Pom Cottage, the reality is that it is really, really lovely to be home in our little house with a whole weekend spread before of us of puttering around. And if we spend one more Sunday for six hours on I-95, there will be a divorce. Since we can't get there this weekend, we're bring you a recap of weekends past: This is Memorial Day - via The Princess who may be the only person left in the famly with a working camera (my 4-month... Read more →

19 years ago, I knew that we were not ready to be done with having children. We had a beautiful 7 year old daughter, a blond-haired blue eye baby with took in the world with serious intent. We had a 5 year old rough and tumble little boy with the most infectious laugh and sweetest heart. We had the perfect girl and the perfect boy. But we knew we had room in our hearts for one more child. Being a mother and a father was the most joyous experience of our lives. It seemed as though we were meant to... Read more →

Summer is here though I do admit that even with just one child in school (albeit for just another week), summer does not officially begin in my head until school is over. We've pushed summer up a bit here, of course, by our more frequent trips to vacationland. One of the highlights of vacationland has always been my Tour of Bookstores. The vacation could not be over until I was allotted my visit to the 3 or 4 independent bookstores that I dream about all year. Over the last twenty years, several of the bookstores have closed, moved, expanded, and... Read more →

Been Away Too Long and Cat's Got My Tongue

It is a very, very busy time here at the Pomegranate house. The Teen is finishing up her senior year. Today is her high school prom! Next week is graduation! In additiion, my lovely niece is also graduating from the same high school, and her younger sister is graduating middle school, and her brother is graduating grade school. Celebrations abound! Lots of appointments to get to, also. The Teen needs a college physical, everyone needs the dentist, I need a series of yearly poking and prodding that I have squeaked by without doing for two years now. The Pom Cottage... Read more →

Cape Chowday

Sometimes, when you travel away for the weekend, you leave the good weather behind. Or so it seems this weekend, when we have had mist, rain, thunder, lightening, and general coldness yet mugginess, too, but have heard via the Pom girls that New York is 90 degrees and sunny. However unfair it seems as we are entertaining our oldest friends, it's just another weather event here on the Cape. We are here for it all: the hot, breezy sun-scouring days of crystalline brilliance and the smurry, windy, damp days of mosquitoes and thunder claps, lightening flashes and frizzy hair. Still,... Read more →

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments on my last post. There is so much compassion for the earth out there and so little idea of how any one of us can make a notable difference in the fate of this planet. We woke up Monday morning thinking there was a fire in town, but learned hours later that the acrid smoke was in fact from horrific fires in Quebec. I won't pretend that I didn't feel a little bit closer to a doomsday scenario as I said good bye to the ocean and my eyes teared from the smog.... Read more →