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Do you know that: I live in the town I grew up in. But not before I moved away for almost twenty years. My husband and I had our first date right down the block. I can almost reach out and touch one sister's house. And the other two are a five minute ride away. With my mom living two minutes farther. Sometimes, I drive past the house she was born in order to get to her apartment. And right past the cemetery where Daddy lies with his parents, sisters, brother in law, and nephew. And through the adjacent one... Read more →

Now I've gone and done it.I've broken the blog. I'm posting here and there's just ....silence, except for a few brave souls who take pity on a dilettante blogger. I'm not going to worry about it, though. I'm sure it can be fixed. I'll call the blog doctor - or is the blog plumber? Somebody will figure it out. In the meantime, I'll just keep offering up my tidbits, big and small, trivial and dense. For example, see this: This little Bronze Fennel just popped up out of nowhere in the garden. I see it every time I come and... Read more →

For the Birds

The heat broke and gave us a crystal clear day of sun that filled my head with so much longing for the Cape that I sailed right past my exit on the way to work and had to get off at the next one and sheepishly follow my way back. While I did spend most of my day inside, I had to drive to the Bronx for a deposition and even there amidst the bus exhaust fumes and the street vendors and the hot dog roach coaches and the flavored ice pushcarts, there were smiles on the faces of those... Read more →

The Pom Cottage is rented for the next few weeks. We hope they are treating it nicely. We are happy to have it rented. Really. It's giving me a chance to draw a breath and get some chores done around the house. But the heat! Oy! It's a real old fashioned New York summer. Hot, sticky, humid, thunderstorms, and bad hair days. But don't tell anyone - I like it! I'd rather have a summer that is in fact summery that our usual rain every weekend season of years past. This is Mr. and Mrs. Pom on a usual summer... Read more →

I think we've forgotten how to be home in our own house. Familiar strains are heard: lawn, laundry, cook, clutter, groceries, gardening. Simple and ordinary days. Sunday has to be a day of rest. There must be a Sabbath in this week or we will not survive. If I had a pool, I would float in it. If I was near a beach, I'd sun on it. But neither of us wanted to jostle crowds or get in a car and travel more than up the road to go to brunch. Our mini-vacation day, I've decided, will draw on the... Read more →

Thank you all for your comments. You made me laugh and you made me cry. I have gotten this bout out of my system, for the weekend at least. I am amazed at the deep feelings I am having this time around. I think the only cure for it is for The Princess to hurry up and get married and have a baby. Only kidding! Not really! Yes I am! Not! (But don't worry, she's ready, too!) The online family of friends is an amazing, amorphous group of email names that post comments as heartfelt as any that you could... Read more →

Through the Looking Glass

Sometimes I wish I could upend my life and look at it through one of those kaleidescope toys the kids have. It would be cool to put my eye up to the eyepiece and look at it all from far away and then start turning the kaleidescope until I got the parts to fit together in a new way. I can't do that and it's just as well cause knowing myself, I'd be realigning my life every half hour, or at least every day, going from tinker to tailor to soldier to spy.I have been in the doldrums the past... Read more →

Part of the experience of owning a second home is the logistics of getting from here to there. As much as we may pretend that it is just a hope, skip, and a jump, the fact of it is that we live a good 4 hours away from our second home on a good day, and on a bad day, or rather a usual traffic day, it easily telescopes to 5 or 6 hours away. Times two, a weekend trip ensures a jail sentence of 8 to 12 hours in a car, or in other words, an entire day devoted... Read more →

Nothing is sweeter than the slow fall of dusk in July. The drawn out summer day lingers long past the time when we would have done the dishes, fed the pets, and called the kids in from the yard to come have baths and go to bed. On these July nights, summer seeps into every moment of the ticking clock, and stays up with the blinking fireflies, the fantastically lit clouds of pink and purple, the voices of children echoing down the street, and to, finally, the great, huge orange moon that rises up from the horizon like a pirate... Read more →