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And I have. To more than just my home. To more than just my blog. With all hopes, I have returned to my self. The one that got put aside for a trail of years as I followed the convoluted but delightful path of child birthing and rearing and family rounding up from the Atlantic to the Pacific and in-between. Baby bird has left the next and settled herself in a beautiful dorm room with cathedral ceilings, northern exposure, and two terraces that wrap around the front and back sides of the suite. Oh, and a delightful roommate who has... Read more →

That's what they call us, the townies do. Wash Ashores. I am happy to be one and hope someday to be permanently cast up on the great curving shoreline of this place and only leave for my vacation. How weird is that? I was thinking about it the other day whilst in the midst of another perfect sunny afternoon: if you live here full time, do you go on vacation in the middle of the summer? And to where?? Obviously if you own a business, you do not leave town between Memorial Day and Labor Day as that is when... Read more →

Scene: Driving in car on Route 6 from Provincetown to house: Mrs. Pom: Blah, blah, blah, mold, mold eradication, mold estimates, blah, blah. Mr. Pom: Don't be ridiculous. How much could it cost? Mrs. Pom: Painting! En plein air! New friends! Mr. Pom: Good for you! Mrs. Pom: Mold. Seeping everywhere. Spores in my sleep! Ack! Mr. Pom: Hey, I'm trying to work here. Go away. Mrs. Pom: Oooh, the ocean! Lighthouse! Fog! Mr. Pom: What about the youngest's car? Mrs. Pom: Ack! Dead battery at Monomoy! Uncle had to come to rescue! Dog wouldn't walk up beach stairs! Uncle... Read more →

Or - The Only Pic of Mrs. Pom Being Athletic in the History of the World The Artist was suitably impressed by my tomahawk style frisbee throw. As I reminded everyone, I went to college in the 70's. To a college without grades. Do you know how many frisbees I threw? MM proving that despite being an old working man now, he still got it. Albany cousins, having just arrived, with energy to spare. The girls in training as co-eds. Defeated by frisbee, Kfriend shines with the mini football. She's going to drive 8 hours to Massena for the weekend... Read more →

As if! (Do not be the person who emails me and says:"OMG, is that your new boat??") Our new boat is one person red plastic kayak that Mr. Pom locked up in the basement (the very moldy basement; trauma of the trip; The Artist can't go to college cause we've got to eradicate mold; Mr. Pom is mainlining Pinto Grigio; don't ask) and MM and KFriend are going to lug upstairs...soon. This is just a quick check in to let all of you who has asked, so kindly and caringly, whether Mr. Pom made it up. Here he is! He... Read more →


I have been itching to write a post on Summer Reading. Alas, I haven't accomplished much in that area. I've been in a funk and starting and stopping multiple books. So rather than just list what I've attempted to read, which isn't fair to the books, I will wait until I finish them, as they are all good books that I will get to one of these days. Every summer I pack too many books for our vacation. I envision endless days on the beach in which I only rouse myself to turn a page and have a sip of... Read more →

It's hot! Hot! Aargh! You'd think it was August! Oh wait, it IS August But, sheesh, it's really hot and really humid. This is the way to spend the summer. Look how cute I am in my little chair. My toes barely touch the water. But, Ma, where's my hat? Really, sun damage! Seriously, the heat finally got to me yesterday. I was doing fine before that. I had a system. Yeah, a system. I wear simple, loose clothing as much as possible. Few pieces of jewelry. (Though there's always the hair. The Hair! A lot of Moroccan oil and... Read more →

I am sad to see August come. I'd like July to live forever. Look how happy July is: July is so sweet and silly: I can't help but miss the optimism of July when we believe that all our days will be sunny, that night will not fall until midnight, and that we will finally get that perfect tan, albeit without risking an UV exposure in a perfect world. Our bathing suits will suddenly fit, we will have time to make picnic meals, each weekend will be filled with wine glasses clinking with friends on terraces, and every Sunday afternoon,... Read more →