Remember my friend,  Dilly  the Volunteer?




He was a seed dropped by a bird, a seed that saw an opportunity to be hidden against my concrete pineapple until he was too big to be confused with a weed. A lovely opportunist.

By September, Dilly had become much more brazen, established in his secure space, he flaunted his presence, threw out his tendrils and fronds, and ostentatiously grew and grew and grew.




Dilly is greeted by everyone who walks up the path to the door. He is patted on the head by Mr. Pom each day. He is admired by all, and even the pups stop to take a sniff. He is handy, too, for snips to drift onto fish or veggies.

Let opportunity take you by surprise. Take a chance. Sneak in where you don't belong. Enter through the bathroom window and settle in before anyone notices. When its too late to be thrown out, flaunt your beauty and be your best self.