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My garden looks the best it has all summer. Pouring rain at 6:50 p.m. and my bed is rocking from two tired dogs who are sleeping and running after squirrels. They are even squeakly woofing in their sleep. I am cold and hungry and want my dinner, but I don't want to get off the bed because I'll wake them up and then they will be pestering me for some of my dinner though they've had theirs. It reminds me of when the kids were little. "Don't bother them when they are quiet!" was a mantra in our house. What... Read more →

Do you know where we went? Or why these girls looks so apprehensive? Flu shots? Dentist? No - A much nicer place than those - just rather butterflies-in-the-stomach-inducing! We were there Just To Look! Not to buy, too soon, too early, but you know, she wanted to feel it was real, this engagement of hers, she wanted some wedding experience, especially with The Fiance in Italy for the month and her job so stressful, and starting grad school. She wanted a little taste of bridal cake. Rather surreal, to say the least. After all, what was odder - that I... Read more →

We both learned several things: No one goes to the opening acts. Especially if there is are tornadoes flying around. 2. If they arrive before the main act, they spend the entire time taking FB pictures of themselves making out with their partners, or with their friends, or with the cute chicks/guys next to them...with flashes. What nerds. 3. The main act doesn't come out until after ten. 4. The second they walk out, the distractions of FB photo taking and going for beers ends and everyone jumps out and remains on their feet for the whole concert. 5. There... Read more →


Mr. Pom and I are going to a concert tomorrow. At Radio City. No, it's not time for The Rockettes. We are going to see Vampire Weekend. And indie rock band, all grads of Columbia, sound reminiscent of Paul Simon's Graceland album ( organ, drums, a lot of piano, dance in your seat music, nerd-rock/new Talking Heads/afro-pop), derided for being privileged punks, and songs about Cape Cod summers. I know. I know.On a Thursday night, no less! We are so hip. (Ok, so I had never even heard of them a month ago, but since The New College Student played... Read more →

We were in the city on Saturday. For a most wonderful outing. We didn't dwell on the date, but focused on our excitement and happiness. Later on in the day, we went downtown. It was circus-like: crowded, busy, touristy. I couldn't find the weight of that day in the sun, the crowds, the demonstrations, and the traffic. And then on the gray, damp Sunday morning, there it was. The weight of the day. The underside of it all. In repose. Returning to the earth, like all things. Read more →

Remember my friend, Dilly the Volunteer? He was a seed dropped by a bird, a seed that saw an opportunity to be hidden against my concrete pineapple until he was too big to be confused with a weed. A lovely opportunist. By September, Dilly had become much more brazen, established in his secure space, he flaunted his presence, threw out his tendrils and fronds, and ostentatiously grew and grew and grew. Dilly is greeted by everyone who walks up the path to the door. He is patted on the head by Mr. Pom each day. He is admired by all,... Read more →

After our first summer as homeowners on the Cape, I am sure that many of you will assume that I am mourning the passage into September. Be assured that I am not. I can honestly say that we had such a splendid summer that I have had my fill of it, and I say that not in a negative manner, but without any sarcasm: I have been totally filled up by summer, and believe that I am sated enough to last at least until December, and I am happy to get back into the routine of being home. I welcome... Read more →


HURRY!!! If you haven't already registered for the coolest mixed media art retreat this side of the Mississippi, then scurry over to Art Is and sign up before the close of day tomorrow, Labor Day! Art Is...Wickedly Good REGISTRATIONS CLOSE SEPTEMBER 7 In 2010, Art Is...You will celebrate its 4th anniversary under the theme of ART IS....WICKEDLY GOOD. October 7-12, 2010 We have some wickedly good plans in place. The Land Of Oz can be found at the Danbury Plaza Hotel. OZ is right down the yellow brick road from Metro North, allowing for day attendees. It is a 40... Read more →

It's 85 degrees here with a tropical storm pending and the air is thick with humidity. I have that special headache, the kind I get between the ears from the barometric pressure and lack of sleep. Last night, we let the dogs sleep in our room for the second night in a row. Rather than run the large downstairs air conditioner, on its last legs, we let them stay in our room, which means technically, on our bed. Two. Large. Labs. On my bed. So on both nights, I ended up in MM's old room, on his lumpy twin mattress... Read more →