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A Cautionary Tale

If you ever come home from work and find a disgusting smell in the house.... and glare at the dogs..... and sniff all the floors... and crawl in their crates... and sniff their breath.... and use an entire can of Febreeze..... ~~~~~~ But you come home from work the next day and the smell is worse and you have a migraine and are nauseous and you do the sniff the floors thing again and Eureka - pumpkins, baby pumpkins, rotting! So you run the out to the garbage... hurl gourds, pumpkins, and decorative squash into the trash but the smell... Read more →

This is my friends, the very talented artist, Kathy Nesi, at an art show that she was juried into. The title of the show was "Orange Juiced" and Kathi created the trio of starfish behind her and the painting on the upper left, which was inspired by the disaster in the Gulf. I apologize for the over-exposed photo, but it was crowded and dark. Her paintings are very rich and vivid and nothing like the wash-out photo I took! Here is a much better picture of Kathy, taken an art tour when she found a painting that matched her scarf!... Read more →

Yee Haw!

I don't think I've ever typed the words, "Yee Haw" before, but I couldn't come up with a better description of emotion at it being FRIDAY. Time to par-tay! What am I doing? Going to see Vampire Weekend again? Or the Avett Brothers (at Radio City again, awesome!!!!)? Eating coal-fired oven pizza on Bleeker Street? Sushi? Art night?? No - the very, very best of Friday night activities: red flannel pj pants cozy gray flannel top under the covers at 7:00 a cup of tea from Mr. Pom the latest Country Living UK, Country Homes, Country Living U.S. and this... Read more →

I must admit that everytime I type the name of my workshop, I change it slightly. For awhile it was Sr. Illustrata's Journal, then somehow morphed in my mind to Sr. Illuminata and sometimes it's Artistic Miracles and sometimes not. But whatever I call it, the point is that it is a big, hefty, luscious, juicy, ripe peach of a book that my students cannot wait to paint, embellish, emboss, gild, and collage. I'm itching to paint right now just writing about it. Aren't these beautiful? They are all so different and reflect the personalities of their creators. My favorite... Read more →

Art Is ....Over - for now!

I am back from the wonderful weekend known as Art Is. It was everything I expected and more. Right now I am trying to unpack ten boxes of teaching supplies, catch up with the family, refill the larder, catch up at work, and battle a virus I seemed to have picked up over the weekend. So I do not have pics uploaded yet and I will return with a long, juicy post filled with the goodness and pleasure of a long art weekend. Read more →

Gratitude for Mondays

Yes, for Mondays. Mondays bring me back to reality. I must go to work, I must have an income, I must have a job. Why does this make me grateful? Because I do have all those things. Right now, in my profession, having a job is incredibly fortunate. Kids are graduating law school with no offers and no opportunities. Mid-level attorneys are being laid off and scrambling to work per diem, find clients, and reinvent themselves. Established managerial-level lawyers are finding the same. So I am grateful. That's not to say that when I am at work I am not... Read more →