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They get their own cameras and they have more time to upload! On Thanksgiving there were about 5 females taking pics - why do we not have any men with cameras?? So, since I have to do some class proposals tonight, I will not be uploading nuthin, but through the magic of The Princess, I will show you some holidays photogs. If you are sick of turkey, pilgrims, stuffing, family fun shots, move along. No need to gawk. Don't be a hater. Plenty of other blogs with more scintillating material, but where else would you get to see The Menu... Read more →

That was an exhale, a sigh of relief, not a sigh of disappointment. For the first weekend - I think since the summer - I have no appointments, errands (beyond the usual), events, obligations, dinners, etcetera. I went to work on Friday because, mainly, the house was such a disaster and I had such a headache that it was easier to sit at a desk at a quiet office than to wash more dishes and clean. It was a great idea, until I actually arrived at my office and after about an hour of steady work, felt like I was... Read more →

Thanksgiving is the last day of autumn. Oh, I know technically it is not, that we have at least three weeks left before the winter solstice arrives. To me, however, Thanksgiving is the last day of the autumnal spirit. It is the day to find a moment to leave the house and walk in the woods, kicking at leaves, finding the perfect oversized maple leaf waiting to be picked up, and maybe even the last of the chestnuts hiding from the squirrels. The last of the autumn flowers are bobbing their graceful petite heads at all the guests as they... Read more →

We drove into the city, pulled up in front of the hotel, and began our 24 hour getaway. The hotel was all silver and grays with amazing artwork in the lobby, a beautiful room overlooking Madison, a Dux bed, twin marble sinks, and the most luxurious down comforters and turkish robes. We checked in and then began walking downtown to see Promises, Promises. Central Park was filled with fallen leaves and kids jumping in piles just like in the 'burbs. We saw Catherine Zeta Jones, a vision in black, walking her little white puffball of a dog, with a slow-walking... Read more →


You know I am in a rush when I post those little weirdly spelled titles. Sor-ree! The week was a blur. Took off a day. Rushed around for many days and nights for Baubles and Bling. Lugged art hither and yon. Exhausted by Friday night, I ate a slice of pizza, some popcorn, a pumpkin spice latte, and crashed. Going to have someone do something with the mop on my head because this is a Big Weekend. You see, Mr. Pom and I are celebrating a milestone anni! It is actually Tuesday but our gorgeous and loving kidlets have given... Read more →

Sorry I've been so quiet. Like Santa, it is very busy here in Pomegranateland getting ready for Baubles & Bling! I hesitate to post most of these pics because the lighting was so bad, but it gives you a taste. Trust me, they are crisp and vibrant in person! I am painting and collaging my little head off. My dining room looks like it was in a paper storm. The kitchen faucets are encrusted with gel medium. My blackberry keys are stuck together, too. The dogs have little bits of art paper stuck to the tails. The family is eating... Read more →

If you live anywhere in the tri-state metropolitan New York area, please come to a wonderful holiday boutique held at the home of our resident Aussie, one of the fantastic creators of Art Is. If you come on Thursday night, you will also get a chance to meet me and see a brilliant display of art and artisan crafts, including some by yours truly. Heard their will be wine tasting and chocolate, too! You can not only cross off everything on your Santa list, you can indulge in little bling bling for yourself, which after all, is what it's all... Read more →

This is a photo of my Dad from World War II. He's the middle one in the front row with his pipe in his mouth. They were in Burma, but whenever I look at this picture, I think they are in Egypt in front of the pyramids. He had finished two years at Lehigh in engineering when he enlisted in the army. He was in the Radio Corps. He was never injured, but he did get malaria in Burma. He came home after five years, but didn't get to finish his college degree because his Dad had died and he... Read more →

November: urge to buy and light differently scented candles all over the house restrain self and limit candles to pumpkin, apple, and coffee-cinnamon fir and cranberry must wait for December, tho admit to taking hits of fir when no one is looking Starbucks has gingerbread lattes! Starbucks has the red Christmas cups! How pathetic am I that the first cappuccino in the Christmas cup this morning filled me with unreasonable pleasure? And the saying on the cup cuffs - "Stories are gifts: Share your gifts". Or something like that. Put it on my desk at work. Roasted the first chestnuts... Read more →