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Listening, Hearing, Waiting, Welcoming

2011. The number does not roll off the tongue. It is unfamiliar and lacking the alliteration of 2010. The twen-tee-ee-lev -in makes the tongue muscle move from the back of the teeth to the back of the throat too quickly. But by February, we will all be saying it without thought. Writing the new year numerals usually takes me about 4 weeks to adapt to. I will muck up checks, reports, and cards with the old year's numerals and find myself going back into our softward at work to correct the trial and motion dates I've scheduled for the beginning... Read more →

Overeating: The Holidaze

Breakfast: 3 Italian taralla cookies (a tradition!) chocolate pizzelle and half a vanilla (other half to the dogs) gingerbread cake (first taste!) coffee with a guilty glurp of the heavy cream that didn't get whipped (waist not/want not) Mid morning: artichoke dip (didn't get any on Christmas Eve) Beemster cheese (protein!) leftover ham (more protein) Clementine (healthy!) Lunch: vegetable soup (homemade, very healthy, yech, too much spinach) 1/2 a cannolli (whilst waiting for soup to heat) candy cane 2 more pizzelle (pizelli?) crab dip (throw it out!) tea with honey for throat Mid Afternoon: candy cane #2 provolone cheese with... Read more →

A Year of Books

Here's the thing: I haven't read enough this year. Too tired, too much work, too many dogs, too many other activites, blah, blah, blah, All legit facts, but here's the very scary realization that I came to this week: being online so much?not only eats up hours, it has retrained my brain to digest small bits of writing that link to others and so on and so on. Is this why I am throwing down books after a few pages? Why I have so many started and none finished, and why they are piling up faster than I can read... Read more →

I think that Christmas should always be on either a Friday or Saturday. We need Boxing Day off. And since we all know that the 25th of December=e was arbitrarily selected by the church, couldn't we petition the world to change it? I suppose not. As a child, the day after Christmas THE most depressing day of the year. As an adult, as long as it falls on a weekend, I think it is a day to luxuriate in nothingness, to roll around in pajamas and tea, to sample the ham and cookies, cannoli and cheese, to watch old movies... Read more →

Because this cool dude Who used to be this little soccer boy But is now all grown up (have no idea who the other dudes are) But is still basically That same little soccer boy No matter how many cool FB profiles he posts Well, that dude, after one year at his job as a mechanical engineer, VOTED EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR!~ GO MYSTERY MAN!!! I'm all faklempt - talk amongst yourselves. Read more →

Oh yes, holiday season. Take the end of the year work crunch, add a bowlful of present buying, a soupcon of baking, a dash of the tree, a pinch of The Empress with a bad cold,a side of Micangela finishing up her first semester in college, and a few freshly grated art projects, and you get Why. I. Haven't. Been. Posting. Soup. (And I made soup. Two, in fact) But never mind y'all! I got a lot done and I think I can just have the usual merry hairiness of cookie baking, wrapping, buying the last few gifts, putting up... Read more →

We went to The Cottage this weekend, to check on the house, put away the outdoor furniture, pull down the storm windows, and have the last quiet weekend before the Christmas rush kicks into high gear. I hadn't been there in over two months. During this time, we got a lot of things done around the house that we'd been putting off. We rediscovered the city and friends and the joy of long weekends with nowhere to rush to. Life got back in balance. When we realized this was the last weekend, however, that we could get up there for... Read more →