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As you know, I have a certain fondness for cafes and cappuccinos. Especially on a Sunday afternoon. Mr. Pom might call it an obsession. I ask you what could be a more splendid way to spend an afternoon when the gutters are lined with mountains of dirty snow than sitting in a warm cafe with a book and a cup and a soul mate. I was tickled to read in the New York Times today, that our Sunday routine is shared by one of our favorite actresses. (And I've put on my Spring wish list, a kelly green leather bag.)... Read more →

Hi - look to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> No, on your monitor, right over on my sidebar>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> See the links for Art Is East and West Coasts? (I would have a pretty badge there but typepad is being ornery and I can either have the badge and no link, or the link and no badge.) But I digress! Anyone who is registered for either retreat before the end of day on January 31st, will be entered in a drawing for a free registration! How can you resist? The numbers of teachers and workshops are AWESOME. And maybe you want to spend... Read more →

When we were little, we used to pray for snow days. Lie awake at night, quivering with excitement, jumping up every half hour to raise the window shade in order to estimate how high the snow was on the seat of the swings. If there was a big loaf of snow gleaming in the light from the back door, then chances were good that school was cancelled. In the days before 24-hour news stations, computer-generated phone chains, board of education websites, and municipal cable stations, we found out if school was cancelled by listening for the emergency siren to go... Read more →

Let the Sun Shine, Let the Sun Shine In

Don't misunderstand me: I love the short, dark days of winter. I drink in the quiet, the gray, the monochromatic landscape. It quiets me down, turns me inward, and allows me the time to daydream as I watch the sunrise on the parkway and plot out story outlines in my mind. I get to wear all my big sweaters, my pink tweed mohair scarf that I knitted lat year, and my turqoise suede gloves. I concentrate on creating a family nest by cooking many one pot meals fragrant with wine and rosemary. I hang quilts on the walls to provide... Read more →


n the middle of July, we never expect a snowfall, so why do leave the house each dark January morning and raise our noses in the hope of the slightest whiff of damp, green earth? The snow creaks under our boots and the wind takes our breath and we could be on the edge of the world instead of our block as all around us is encased in a hard white shell. The garden grows slumbering beasts reclining in mysterious mounds under the snow, shaped round the skeleton of bushes and the scaffolding of dried stems. The frost turns the... Read more →

Sunday Nesting

Wrote a whole piece, then lost it when I shut down. Here's what it said: Glad January isn't over cos not done with my plans for the month Hubster and I cleaning house, decluttering, pruning, deaccessioning, and throwing it away At that horrid point when the house is more of a mess than before because working on the interior of things - drawers, shelves, cabinets Plan on concentrating on our bedroom - time for a grown up room for the next phase of our marriage Many bags of garbage out by the curb All the black socks and all the... Read more →

The Mister and I decided that we would not have a big ol' anniversary party in 2010.Too much our parents' generation. Too much work. Too much planning. Instead, we would party with...ourselves. (don't worry children; your will not have to have your retinas transplanted. No physical contact will be mentioned in this post 'cept when your father had to poke me in the shoulder to wake me up at midnight, but I'm getting ahead of the story). The children actually precipated the idea, giving us that lovely weekend in the city. While we were there we said to each other:... Read more →


Him: Where's the decongestant? Me: Which one Him: Any One Me: We have Sudafed 24-Hour, Mucinex D, and Mucinex Expectorant Him: A>N>Y>O>N>E (gritted teeth) Me: Hmmpf Him: What? Me: Where did you put the Kleenex?? Him: You're lying on the box Me: Hmmpf Him: Where's the thermometer? Me: Micangela has it. Him: Get me water Me: Get me tea Him: I ALWAYS get you tea, can't you get me water? Me: Hmmpf Him: Put the dogs in the crates Me: But I'm all warm under the electric blanket Him: I ALWAYS put the dogs to bed! Me: Hmmpf Him: I... Read more →