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I love these girls. And this girl, too. They make these beauties. And so many more things that are luscious, nubby, beaded, quilted, painted, printed, transferred, and spanking gorgeous. Even the tray of neeedlework supplies casually left on a bench left me drooling. So much love that weekend. So much friendship, good food, gifties, talent, laughter, and surprise. The entire weekend I never saw Linda without a smile on her face, but you somehow I managed to take her picture without one. Our class was held in Tracy's sunny yellow studio that was filled with colorful fabrics and yarns, huge... Read more →

I hope you all enjoyed my photo interlude yesterday. I know I cannot be the only one who is desperate for the end of grey, of dreary, of mushiness. We have a word for this state in Italian: Mushata. I guarantee that it is a made up word or I am only spelling it phonetically. But when we were young and we were sullen or pouty and just really quiet and upset, my mother and her mother would say we were, "mushata". I don't know if it was their "Italish" expression or a true Italian/Sicilan word, but it certainly was... Read more →

It is Wednesday and I feel like I have worked 30 days in a row. I am tired, exhausted, cranky, run down, stressed out, and completely spent. So..... (photographer: unknown at this time, but a professional, not me!*) Exactly. I feel so much better __________________________ *Post-edit: I was admiring my photo of the lobster roll and thinking to myself, wow, I took a really great pic! Looks like it was done by a food stylist! And now I realize was. Don't remember where I got it from, but it clearly is a professional pic. My apologies to whomever took... Read more →

A Bite of Spring

I ate it up in a gulp, the pre-season spring day, though I was only in the sunshine for the drive home on Friday. It was warm and sunny and the buds on the branches swelled and the snow receded to grimy drifts against the curbs. Saturday, the wind blew away Spring with a shriek, sending tree limbs splintering onto the roads and garbage cans careening down streets. Even our heavy gas barbecue was pushed against the fence and Mr. Pom reports that one wheel sunk into the mud and is now frozen in place. We have a large, copper... Read more →

I Really Do Blog Here

Hmm. I seem to have fallen out of the habit. I didn't mean to. It started, perhaps, a year or two ago? I ran out of steam. Stories. Stories I could tell. My children were well past the ages when I could recount their antics, skirmishes, or conflicts. Cause y'know, there's The Golden Mommy Blogging Rule: Thou Shalt Not Blog About Children Who Are Old Enough to Blog About You. Seriously. I have enough issues with their FB'ing; I can't imagine if I had to start policing their blogging. Then there's the Work Issues. First off, I am no fool.... Read more →

On this very icy, sleety, slushy day, I am blessed that my office decided to close. I have the outrageous luxury of working on my cases from my bed! Not exactly my chosen activity to do in bed, but it sure is nice to be sitting under an electric blanket and reviewing files, instead of scraping off my car, driving up north where its worse to office in my sweet little Mini that does not like deep snow, and then worrying about getting home. Anyone who says that the internet is NOT a good thing, needs to have the opportunity... Read more →