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I don't know why it took me so many years to visit Purl Soho. One of the reasons may be that it has very inconspicuous signage, so it is easy to pass by, as Kathy and I found out when we wandered up and down the street looking for the right number and turned around only to realize that we'd been standing in front of it all along. It's an adorable space, but on a Saturday afternoon it is crowded and jammed with would be knitters and quilter-types, so if you can, visit on a weekday morning. It was the... Read more →


Seriously, remember when I was all "empty nest! empty nest!" Then why am I getting out of the kitchen at 8:15 every night? Since we all started our Healthy Eating and Getting Fit Rigamarole, I am trying to cook more, cook fresher, and cook lighter. In turn, this means going to the store more and buying lots of veggies and protein and fruit for salads, grilling, etc. I've been to the local market, the local supermarket, Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, Trader Joe's, and the local yuppy gourmet how-much-is-an-organic-chicken-my-god-I-could-buy-a-purse-for that-kind-of-cash-market. Lots of time in the food prep area. See last... Read more →

Sweet Spot Saturday

Mr. Pom and I are watching National Velvet. Pi (the horse) just miraculously recovered from an all night bout of something and jumped up on his own legs as perky and cheerful as Velvet's little brother. Mr. Pom read about it on the Internet as we watched. He does this, usually, when watching something that he is not all that interested in. Seems Elizabeth Taylor, who actually rode the horse in the scenes (tho I think not on the jumps), developed such a close relationship with the horse that they gave it to her after the movie was over and... Read more →

No, I'm not sick. But I am infected. I have had a relapse of a long dormant infection: Fabric Lustititis. More of an obsession than an illness, it is defined by the need to grab large, heavy bolts, carry as many as one can hold, and stand in line to receive lovely, sweet-smelling piles of brightly colored textiles. Bliss. Blues Spring Pinks And groovy blacks and whites How did this uncontrollable obsession return after laying dormant for so many years? I blame this: After our fabulous art retreat with the Art Girlz, I couldn't wait to get my hands on... Read more →

I ushered in the first weekend of Spring by going into the city my art pal, Kathy, to an exhibition at The Jewish Museum of one of my favorite artists, Maira Kalman, the wry and whimsical chronicler of the daily, the historic, and the sublime. Kalman may be most well known for her collaboration on "New Yorkistan" for this cover of a post-911 issue of The New Yorker: Photography was not allowed, but go here to see a selection of her gouache paintings. By the time Kathy and I left, we both were considering ditching our plans for the rest... Read more →

We drove up to The Cottage very early Saturday morning. We couldn't leave Friday night because Micalangela was driving home Friday evening for her spring break. She had just enough time to get home and see her friends for an hour before I made her go to bed for an early start. She was anxious to be there early herself because her cousin and best friend were driving from Boston. We were a full house for the first spring weekend. The Princess and The Fiance joined us and the two dogs, so all beds were full. The three girls set... Read more →

Thank you all for your amazing support! The comments were so supportive and I was cracking up that I, The Queen of Inertia, would ever be inspiring anyone to get in shape and move! I'm surprising myself that I really like all aspects of the work out, except for the quad lifts. I can do 2 or 3, and That Is That. But stick me on the treadmill, put the Ipod on Avett Brothers Live and I am a treadmilling fool. I even use my arms, full extension! So okay, maybe 45 minutes was a bit much last night based... Read more →


Back on the treadmill: no, not the metaphorical dash of work/errands/work/home, though still plenty of that. An actual treadmill, the kind I haven't stepped foot on in 10 years, first due to weight, then due to knees. I am timid at first, nervous, anxious. This gym is tiny and if I were to replicate my flying fall and smash into the back wall as I did years ago while working out, I might take a few people out on my way down. I managed to hang on day one and day two, and by day three I am actually enjoying... Read more →