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Saturday's Moments

We are cautiously optimistic that The Fiance will continue to be stable and progress towards recovery. This morning everyone is scrambling to take care of those little things that life demands: haircuts, showers, laundry, dr. appointments. I hope to at least drive into the city with Mr Pom and leave The Princess off at the hospital where she will do her overnight rotation with her sweetie. I am frustrated not to be able to be with her, but the last thing the need is to worry about where I would sit and if I could walk from here to there.... Read more →

It Takes A Village

Oh. No. I don't mean to recover from a knee replacement. I mean to recover from a knee replacement with two dogs. Forget the network of people necessary to get you to physical therapy and doctor appointments, to bring you meds, coffee, buy groceries, and make meals. Forget the daily phone calls, the patience to listen to me whine about pain/meds/exercise/pain/meds/exercise, and making sure I have clean exercise clothes to wear to p/t. I'm talking about The. Dogs. As Mr. Pom so wisely put it the other day, "They're here now. They're part of the family. But what were we... Read more →

Easter Monday

I am sitting in my little red and white checked arm chair that we bought about twenty years ago and that has traveled with us from New York to California to Memphis and back. It is tattered and frayed and wobbly and I am always planning to reupholster it, but never find the time. I remember pouncing it upon it in the store because it reminded me of the gorgeous red and white checked chairs that Kitty Bartholomew had in her California cottage. When Mystery Man came home for Easter, he moved it for me from his bedroom to ours.... Read more →

The Return

I am feeling rather resurrected myself today, as I sit in my cozy living room, hearth ablaze, a quilt on my legs, laptop on my lap, and walker by my side. Yes, that last part is rather jarring, but it's the truth. Mr. Pom rescued me from rehab today, sparing me from another night in that strange netherworld I fell into, and brought me home with a cup of (decaf) cap and my first bagel in 10 weeks. And it is so good to be here! I am too tired to upload pics and write a long, chatty post, but... Read more →

Popping In

Mr. Pom brought the laptop over to the hospital so I could pop in and say, "I'm here, I survived" Going on a computer break until Monday or Tuesday. Actually read the entire NY Times today. Reading, journaling, sleeping, waiting for the nerve block to wear off and the physical therapy to begin in earnest. Thank you again for all the well wishes!! Read more →

While I have a little tweaking done to my leg, i.e. they'll split my knee open down the middle, cut the bones in half and cram in a titanium ball and socket, I want to leave you with a little sweetness. You know it is coming up on Easter. Which means... chocolate Easter bunnies, chcolate eggs, coconut eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow peeps, cannolli, ricotta cheesecake, and cassata. Oh, did I mention the resurrection of our Lord. But I have no pictures of that. (Waiting for lightening bolt) OK, we're good. Right now, I am sitting in my bed sucking on... Read more →

First off, thank you all for your wonderful, funny, and warm comments of wishes of good luck and speedy recovery. It is splendid to log on and have so many people greet me. Makes me feel warm all over and I truly feel your love and support. The week has flown by as I knew it would. I opted to take last Friday off rather than tomorrow and I made a good choice. I was generally nervous and out of sorts of Friday with too much time to think and too long a list of things to do. I felt... Read more →

Big Ol' Giant Case of Wup Ass Stress - Sign Up Here!

The older I get, the more junk I haul around. You would think that as I get older, my needs would diminish. I was hoping that age would bring me a more streamlined lifestyle. Seems I will never be a minimalist, but I am trying to avoid becoming a hoarder. So yesterday, I sent Mr. Pom to the public library with two laundry baskets full of books. Couldn't stand the sight of the bedroom bookcase one more minute, and in order to transform the double-stacked books and tumbling off the shelves magazines, I had to prune my library. Now, this... Read more →

In almost one year, The Princess and The Fiance will be betrothed on Cape Cod. They only had one requirement: the wedding must be held by the water. So it was a fairly easy task to find a place on the Cape. Especially when The Princess and our family had eaten many meals here, driven past it innumerable times while weddings were in progress, and watched many bridal parties having their pictures taken against a backdrop of vivid blue hydrangeas and a sparkling sea. I know the picture is a little dark, but it was a cloudy day when we... Read more →