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You would assume if one is on leave from work, that everyday would be a holiday. But you know what Felix Unger taught us when you "assume". No, whilst on leave, one has to rest, heal, exercise, therapize, and then rest some more. That's the whole point. I tell you, this need to rest is very wearing. Aside from a little overzealous cycling and stair descending at the physical therapist earlier in the week which landed me back on the narcotics and double ice packs, the recovery has progressed very well. Except, the leg still cannot take more than about... Read more →

I would bitch about the early March weather that we've had for the entire six weeks I've been home, but after viewing the disaster in Joplin, MO, I'll keep my big fat trap shut and just say, my, aren't my Wellies getting quite a workout this spring! So yes, I still have not applied make up, done more than minimal tweezing, or blow dried or flat ironed my hair in six weeks. Tomorrow I am going to the hair stylist and I'm quite sure that she will threaten to ban me from the salon if I show up looking like... Read more →

Morphing into....Pudding

Can I confess something? I like clothes. I do, I really do. Even when I weighed over 120 pounds more than I do today, I liked clothes. Of course, I was frustrated by trying to find fashionable, attractive (as if!) clothing that was not designed by those who feel anyone over a size 12 should wear a polyester muu-muu. These days, I am able to walk into "regular" women's clothing stores and buy off the rack. Oh, it was quite a thrill to walk into Lord & Taylor's and try on anything I wished. It took awhile to figure out... Read more →

Now that Micalangela is home from college, she has a new job as my chauffeur, barista, schlepper, and part time art critic. (What better way to inspire your child to look for that summer job than to make her drive you for Starbucks, physical therapy, dog park, and force her to critique your paintings. Devious thou name is Mother. ) It's not all grunt work, though, as we watch Housewives of NYC marathons, let the dogs in and out, and surf cool art tumblers, which, of course, is THE preferred way to procrastinate when faced with any assignment and very... Read more →

This weekend, Mr. Pom and I ran up to the cottage and opened the windows and aired the sheets. We dusted off the knick knacks, picked up fallen branches, refilled the larder, and freshened up the bathrooms. Then we walked on the beach, felt the wind and (sometimes) the rain in our faces, made sure Parks & Rec was getting our favorite beach spots ready, and ate our first lobster rolls of the season. I discovered Vietnamese coffee and organic French roast, and Mr. Pom indulged in 5 Guys burgers with seasoned fries. After that, we breathed a gigantic sigh... Read more →

Sister A and her oldest child, daughter S, share the same birthday. S is home from college but about to go abroad for a few weeks. What a lovely young woman she has grown into! My sister and her husband have certainly done a lovely job of raising two sweet, accomplished, and fun kids. Here's wishing that mother and daughter had a beautiful birthday! Read more →

When I put together this cover for my latest journal, I had no idea how ironic my choice of title would become as Spring progressed. Of course, the title was somewhat tongue in cheek; except for Tibetan monks and nuns cloistered in the south of France, whose life is pure harmony? We still have our moments of pure harmony, however. Today, the sun is out, Micalangela is home from college, and we sat down to pasta with broccoli and sausage last night - in the dining room no less. Mr. Pom gallantly took over the second half of dinner prep... Read more →

Mondays in May/ Actually It's Tuesday/But It's All the Same To Me For a Few More Weeks

I am learning to take advantage of the days when my energy rises to almost normal levels. Following a few flat on my face days, I woke up this morning at 5:00 and told Mr. Pom he could forgo the toat and coffee that he has so adorably brought to me every morning that I've been home. Instead, I called sister #5 and hitched a before school ride to Starbucks. She teaches up the street and dropped me off after she dropped my nephew off at junio high. She waited for my drink, settled me at a table. and told... Read more →

Woo hoo! We are having margaritas and tres leches cake for lunch and sitting out in the sunshine! Ha! Not! As If! For one thing, it's only about 55 degrees here, despite the sun. You know how your house is the last place to warm up in the spring, well, I am sitting on my sofa in velveteen pants, wool socks, long sleeved T, slouchy cardigan, and a scarf around my neck. That is, when I am not wearing all that and under my favorite red polka dot Chenille throw. Oh, and the fire is lit. It does look pretty... Read more →

The weekend was uneventful, which right now, is all that we ask for. The Fiance's condition is stable and The Princess will go to work and then visit him for the latter half of the day. Your prayers, emails, comments, and ecards are truly a burst of joy and love whenever I log on. Mr. Pom wants to know who the heck is sending me all this mail as he listens to my Blackberry binging away all day and into the evening. Such love from my little blog and art community, I have never experienced before. The major role of... Read more →