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I want to share this beautiful post with you today. It is by Katrina Kennison, the author of The Gift of An Ordinary Day. She expresses so eloquently and beautifully the emotions I have been feeling this year. Her expression of vulnerability and the love and compassion of her husband reflects my own feelings on the way our marriage actually has strengthened since our children have grown up and out. It is a grace-filled post that shines a holy light on the beginning of the second half of life. Read it here. Read more →

And I Wore Such a Pretty Dress*

Perhaps I should have taken the weather report more seriously. If I had, I might not have worn a dress and sandals, but the first thing I observed back at work was that all the women had on their summer dresses, even those loathe to wear a dress at any other time of the year. Funny thing is that the dress I wore today is the purple sister of the brown dress I wore about two weeks ago when I went out to dinner with my girlfriends. That was the night when I was driving the Mini in the hailstorm... Read more →


Of Summer, of back-to-work, of the week, of a perfect summer's eve. Cool but not cold; warm but not humid; the porch is just the right temperature to need a throw on your feet on the bottom half and a t-shirt on the top. From my spot on the wicker sofa, I can see the sun setting at 8:49, streaking the silvery blue sky with swaths of Opera Pink and Purple Madder. Cucciolo is asleep next to me and Bella Sera is under the table lying on the cool cement floor. Mr. Pom is watching the Yankees and Micalangela just... Read more →

No wait! It's only mid-June! Just feels like it cause I go back to work on Monday. I was hyperventilating on Wednesday about it, causing Mr. Pom to decide that we shouldn't go to the Cape this weekend as I will just be wringing my hands and bemoaning my fate. But on Thursday morning, which was nice and sunny, I had a paradigm shift and realized that instead of thinking of it as the end to a long leave, think of the next 4 days as a 4-day weekend and do nothing but what I want. And it worked. 'Cept... Read more →

It's Not Just For.....

For those of you, like Mr. and Mrs. Pom who were too busy washing up the dishes, throwing out the garbage, and darning socks and missed the opening of Neil Patrick Harris's opening number at The Tonys (ok, we just plain forgot and were watching inane shows like Housewives of [fill in any locale]) watch here! (Warning: this is intended to be a humorous opening, but it is rather chaotic, so if your sense of humor has been sucked dry but too many downward-facing dogs, please click out....) Read more →

Be It Ever So-o-o-o Humble

It's all coming back to me. The thrills, the joys, the moribund relaxing afternoons, the waiting-to-hear-Daddy's-car-in the driveway stay at home Mom days. There has to be a better way. I shouldn't have to choose between a completely frantic, pressurized, tidal wave of work job or stay at home and rinse the hard sticky rice off the fork tines because no one else did and then everyone will shriek with disgust when they get to the bottom of their glass of milk and see what's living on the bottom of the cup. Surely, I thought, they've improved things in the... Read more →

Cold and Rainy Saturdays

Are meant for super secret art projects. So no new post today. 'Cept I ran across this on NPR and it's incredibly sweet and moving. Allegedly this flash mob lip dub was made in response to Grand Rapids being listed as one of the dying cities in America. It looks like a beautiful city and while I was watching the video, I thought, "I want to live in a place with people as charming as that". They could, however, use a few more people of the non-white persuasion. Seriously. Enjoy your Saturday! Read more →

And the Snow Was This High.....

Look, don't roll your eyes. Yes, I've posted almost every day. Yes, I'm still home on leave. Yes, I'm actually getting bored and starting too many art projects and finishing ....none. But I'll try not to ramble. I went out yesterday in the evening with my friends for the first time in two months. It was a last minute thing; I didn't have time to think of a million reasons why I couldn't go. I forgot when I said yes that I had become quite the homebody and early-to-bed woman. It didn't help that it was 98 degrees. I decided... Read more →

The best croissaint I've ever had We're having a little work done in the backyard at The Cottage. We needed to replace an old brick patio that was too small and had become dangerous to walk on after a winter of heaving and thawing left gullies and bumps of bricks. (Want anxiety? Be a lawyer and rent out a summer house. I see lawsuits where others see cobwebs.) Let's hope the contractor shows up, otherwise we'll be doing a Lucy & Ethel, i.e. building our own backyard patio (or was it a fireplace?) one piece of flagstone at a time.... Read more →

I had these pics to show you under the caption "Spring", but clearly I waited too long as it is 95 degrees this afternoon in New York. They are duck eggs, I presume, laid in the mulch right up against the a free standing Starbucks in CT. On our return trip home, they were all gone. I hope they were hatched and not eaten. If they were still there today, they'd be fried! Read more →