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As July fades, we are deep into summer here. This morning, Mr. Pom took the dogs to the park and I clipped, pruned, and weeded our overgrown garden. Needs so much transplanting and cutting back, but not in midsummer, not when it is alternately hot and wet. It's easy to treat these days like weeds: the rolling heart of summer when the sun is commonplace, when the garden is just about to turn from flush to fading, and it seems as though everyone is on vacation but you. So instead, we've planned our weekend like jewels, doing just the most... Read more →

Gratuitous summer water shot The heat has broken and we are back to our little routine of living on the side porch. Never has 12 X10 feet provided so much pleasure unless perhaps to someone in a stateroom on a luxury liner. Mr. Pom and I were talking in the car the other day. We were remarking, rather smugly, at how easily we are entertained. How a "great" Saturday is one where the dogs allow us to sleep until 6:00 instead of 5:00 a.m. (A little Stockholm syndrome here, no?)And how thrilled we are with ourselves when we drive into... Read more →

I have gotten a rep as the Queen of Art Journaling. It is undeserved, but some of it has to do with the little "heart starters" workshops I do at Art Is each fall. The thing is, life has been so hectic since I went back to work, that I haven't touched my journal or many art supplies at all. And here it is summertime, my absolutely favorite journaling season. Everytime I am on the parkway and go past a particular exit, I feel my car drift toward the exit and I have to correct my steering. No, I'm not... Read more →

Don't make me feel bad that I waited until now to get around to this post. Cause you know what? It's summer and I am living la dolce far niente and the sweetness of doing nothing means that I get to post whenever I get around to it. As an aside, we are home for 5 weekends in a row. The first two weeks I was jonesing so much for The Cape that I thought I might have to go up there and rent a hotel room. However, now that we've been home for two weekends, I find that I... Read more →

Seriously folks, what is with all the doom and gloom? All around my office and neighborhood I hear people lamenting, "Summer's half over!" "I can't believe it's midsummer!" (Is that one word or two?) I like the way this mat looks under my little nest painting, but I need to take a class in photographing artwork. Stay in the moment and enjoy! The birds may have flown the nest, but they are all round here, enjoying the profusion of flowers rampantly blooming. Would you believe I took this pic in the city? Central Park has some glorious gardens. Yes, the... Read more →

A beautiful weekend! We had cappuccinos in the city, walked through Central Park, saw Midnight in Paris, grilled sausages outside, and today I spent with wonderful art-ful friends. What better way to spend a warm Sunday than making art with your friends in a shady garden, sharing a splendid lunch, eating popsicles to have the sticks, and going home with a beautiful Steampunk necklace! Our master artisan, Kecia, is her stylish self and patiently waiting for us to sit our butts down and stop gabbing so she can show us the finer points of pouring two-parts resin and nailing in... Read more →

These are the questions I get asked by people who have never visited Cape Cod: "Why do you go to the same place every year?" "Isn't really touristy? Why don't you go to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard?" "Don't you want to travel anywhere else?" Those are the kind of questions that are hard to answer quickly. Of course, we'd like to travel to other places. In fact, we have. We've lived in many parts of the country and visited many places. We'd love to do Europe. Someday we'll go. I've never been to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard, but I've seen... Read more →

Yes, I know. I just put up a post. But here's another! Tomorrow we are celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of my mother's brother and his wife. They requested "no gifts" on the invitations, so I thought it would be nice to give them a little portrait I did from their wedding photograph. My sisters and mother all hunted around for the shot, which I remembered but didn't have a copy of. They scanned it in and emailed it over, so I want to show them what I did because tomorrow it will be all wrapped up and they won't... Read more →

We are exiled from the Cape till mid August when our work vacations occur. The cottage is rented out to several different families for the next weeks. It's been organized, spiffed up, and professionally cleaned. We even managed by the skin of our teeth to put in a new patio, which involved large bulldozers, compactors, dirt cutter awayers, gravel, stone dust, rock, flagstone, loam, mulch, and topsoil. The backyard went from a tiny brick patio surrounded by stories-high rhododendrons To a big, level space perfect for parties and picnic and pits of fire! See me peeking out in the corner?... Read more →