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On the days when the town beach is jammed and the line for the parking lot stretches a mile down the road, the privilege of taking your vehicle to the outer beach is priceless. The outer beaches on the Atlantic side of the Cape are accessible by a long walk over the dunes or by ORV'ing. Taking a SUV out onto the dunes is by permit only, and over the years we've never managed to get our act together to watch the video, get the ORV kit for the car, and apply for the permit. Oh, but what were we... Read more →

Why is it only on vacation that I acknowledge the ephemeral evancescence of evening? Vacations bring me up short with the realization that if I were the God of Time, I would live my life only in increments of mornings and evenings, leaving afternoons and nights to lesser mortals. The delirious delight of fresh beginnings and soft landings, of feet touching a new day not cossetted by carpets or lit by flourescents. Of endings sweet and unprocessed, technicolor salutes. Powerless to grab the hands of the clock and bringthem to a screeching halt, all I am left with is to... Read more →

Thank you all for putting up with my rant at the beginning of the week. What a way to start a vacation week! My stomach was in knots for days. Sister #1 facebooked me with the phone # for Apple Support and since I have an Apple Care account, the techies were able to "interface" with the Itunes people and work out some of the problems. (You must need top security clearance to actually speak to an Itune rep. ) It was only today that I finally received a reply email from the email I sent on Sunday alerting them... Read more →

VACA...NONE? Vol. 2

POST-EDIT: ADD: Run to hardware store to buy Shop Vac when plumber kindly points out that basement is filling with water from the downpour leaking in through the window and has now covered two rooms. Gasp in horror when Micalangela shows up with the cover to her catalytic converter in her hand, which she had to retrieve from the side of the road when it fell off on the way from New York. Just wondering: what zodiac hell have I entered into? Monday: First official Vaca Day (coz the wknd is, y'know, the weekend) Pouring down rain like crazy (but... Read more →