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Coherent sentences seem to be beyond my ken these days. Work is hammering me and allergies are flaring. Lists capture the staccato in my head: In no particular order: Friday! Enough said. 'Cept pouring down rain - basement flooding type. Wet dogs find it appropriate and necessary to sit next to me on the sofa, in case, y'know, I happen to get up to eat a cracker and then it is easier to trip me up and play capture the crackers. Claritin D has drained my throbbing head; trade-off is super caffeinated sleep-robbing buzz. Mr. Pom was annoyed that I... Read more →


I am deep in the midst of reviewing all my blog posts and culling the ones about Cape Cod into a huge folder. I had a little brain spasm the other day when I was bemoaning how sketchy my journals from the Cape are and where are all my photos and ranting about how I would have to spend two weeks on the Cape doing nothing but taking new photos (as if this would be as if this would be a hardship). And then my brain kicked back into gear: it's all on the blog, doofus. Right. So that's where... Read more →

In the house we grew up in, my mother's command center was our small kitchen. In the drawer under the red counter she kept her address book, a soft covered blank phone book handed out by the telephone company. On the metal backsplash above the stove, magnets held daily notes, like "doctor's appt/kids Tues 3:30" or "defrost meat for gravy". And in the narrow pantry closet, she kept a calendar, slid in next to the cans of corn and tomato sauce. She wrote in all the family birthdays and appointments in the small daily squares, and even kept a grid... Read more →

Branding is a very big subject - an obsession - really at all the blogging conferences and seminars. It is not enough to present a folksly, newsy blog to the world. Not if you want to use your blog as a springboard to a career and a sustainable income. Image, presentation, and a narrow point of view is what makes a blog a brand, a commodity, an income earner, an entry to articles, speaking, a book, licensing, employment, and a career. And the most important commandment in the branding handbook is: No negativity! As I was leafing through a very... Read more →

Such dramatic changes as the season ages. The yin and yang of out back and forth lives is knocked out of balance by the assault of autumn banging on the door before check in time. Hallo? Room not ready! The week rushes forward after the holiday like a kayak in the rapids. Struggle to stay afloat in the rapids, dodging court, flooded roads, the queasiness of sinus pressure, and boulders of work strewn everywhere. Bags half-unpacked, shoes strewn, piles of laundry and dry cleaning, scarves tangling like snakes on the back of chairs. Tempers simmer then flare, unexpected fireworks. Distemper... Read more →

We left in mid-afternoon, after a morning of off-roading with the dogs. They were delirious with the freedom and adventure, looking back at us over and over as they ran down the sand road that plowed through the dunes and came out onto the wide outer beach. Heading straight for the water, they both flew in and let a wave roll over them before they remembered that, although Labrador Retrievers, they don't do water, and emerged with clam shells in their mouth. Later, we made bacon and eggs on the beach with The Princess and The Fiance. Coming home is... Read more →