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What to do on a late October Saturday when a freak nor'easter is dumping snow on your Jack O Lanterns? First, an early morning run to the Upper East Side for espressos, and then the pre-storm ritual run through a hysteria-filled grocery store. Time for comfort food snowstorm cooking with a twist: instead of winter stews, how about a harvest bake? A stuffed pumpkin. What would be a better time than two days before Halloween, when there should be a plethora of pumpkins to choose from. Only there wasn't. Seems that pumpkins were yesterday's plethora; now the market was pushing... Read more →

In the midst of the Fall Festival of Frivolity, The Fiance was flying home from South Carolina and got delayed in Atlanta. He missed dinner, pumpkin decorating, and the dessert table. He brought home to The Princess a box of cupcakes from their favorite bakery. WHAT DID HE BRING FOR HIMSELF??? A DOCTORATE!!!! Ph.D in astroparticle physics. (DO NOT ASK ME WHAT THAT MEANS EXCEPT SOMETHING ABOUT NEUTRINOS (MAYBE) AND DARK MATTER (I THINK).) NO MATTER CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more →

Blue as a bowl ringing in heaven, is today's October sky. Blue and brisk and breezy, and yellowy sun shining on blush red leaves and glorious chrysanthemums bursting into buttery bloom. The pooches are frisky, hopping and spinning, especially the black one who spent her first night in a crate since the beginning of summer when we ruled it too hot for a black dog to endure, but now just perfect for a cozy pad and blanketed den. She runs into the yard, almost breaking down the back door, does her business, then hops in the air and spins and... Read more →

A terrific retreat that gets better every year. Each year has a different feel but each year manages to build on the one before and surpass it with even more interesting classes, events, and friendships. First off, our hostesses are the ones who are the face of Art Is. I've been to other art retreats across the country and Art Is the one where you feel as though you have been invited to a big party to really swell hostesses who know how to make you feel welcome, well fed, and well entertained. This is the 5-year anniversary of Art... Read more →

VACILLATION IV My fiftieth year had come and gone, I sat, a solitary man, In a crowded London shop, An open book and empty cup On the marble table-top. While on the shop and street I gazed My body of a sudden blazed; And twenty minutes more or less It seemed, so great my happiness, That I was blessed and could bless. . . . -William Butler Yeats Read more →

But not stopping for long. A tad busy these days with ...everything. Art Is was impossibly lovely. The event becomes larger and yet more personal for me each year. It is a family reunion of sorts by now and I am just exhausted in that good way one is after a big event. I have SO many photos, both on my phone and in my camera, and not a moment to upload, but I promise I will get to it this weekend. The work week began yesterday for me as I was at Art Is on Monday and with The... Read more →

You all know that I am a summer person deep at heart. There is no other season that floods my soul with light and warmth as summer does. Summer is for living outside, for being by the water every moment possible, and for lazy hours rocking in a hammock with a book and an iced coffee. This summer I found myself completely disinterested in any form of cooking. Meals that were not grilled were bought. The kitchen grew dusty; the take out containers multiplied. Mr. Pom, however, did not panic. He didn't raise his eyebrows as our debit card melted... Read more →

From my bedroom window I can see the leaves of the three birches in front of the porch beginning to turn yellow. Not an overall startling change, but more like a paintbrush dabbing New Gamboge onto wet leaves, one by one. The leaves of the white magnolia at the foot of the driveway are just turning brown and crinkly. The whole tree is shaking right now as a grey squirrel jumps up and down a smaller branch, stuffing its cheeks with the berries on the tree. Today, finally, the temperature is in the 60's and the air is thinner. What... Read more →