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We can turn our heads and pretend it's not happening, but nature tells a different story. My Christmas cactus is abloom. My amaryllis is growing several inches a day. And my sheep have put on their thick winter coats. Okay, I don't have any sheep. Not yet. But just wait until we move to a farm on Cape Cod. Oh yes, I have even bigger plans than The Cottage for Cape Cod. I plan to buy a little spread in a wooded area near the water. With an antique farmhouse, a barn, and several sheds. I'll be raising some sheep,... Read more →

This is the Official Engagement Photograph of The Princess and The Fiance. Is it not just dreamy? The wedding photographer is in Boston and she arranged to take the ferry to Provincetown on the very last weekend that it was running for the season in order to meet them in Provincetown and take their engagement photos. They were rewarded with an absolutely beautiful, balmy weekend in October. I know that they picked the right photographer because the photographs capture their personalities so well. The results are both breathtaking and adorable, not an easy combination. The wedding plans are coming along... Read more →

Saturday afternoon and I have a turkey in the oven (no, a real turkey: Im not pregnant And if I was, it would be a miracle since I no longer have that plumbing. And then I'd be a sought after miracle worker. Probably untold riches. Oh my. I am digressing. Must be the tryptophan.) Despite an all-day affair on Thanksgiving, my family didn't have OUR turkey dinner with consequential leftovers, always the most important part. So even with full bellies from Thursday, a pizza party on Friday night (look, I can entertain family twice in a week, but on the... Read more →

I was having my morning coffee the other day, making my list for what I had to do for Thanksgiving. I really do my best thinking while drinking my coffee in my car on the parkway on the way to work. I If you were to have breakfast with me, I would offer you one of the beautiful white chocolate brioches or a slice of olive bread from the bakery in Wellfleet. ( Of course, my real pain quotidien is an egg white/tomato/feta wrap usually in my car on the way to court .) Today, however, I am inviting you... Read more →

I am about to do something that is going to make many of you hate - maybe villify - me. I am about to decorate for the holidays. I know. I know. Even Nordstroms isn't putting up their decorations until Black Friday. That's commendable. At our church in Memphis, the pastor wouldn't let us decorate the church until Christmas Eve. Despite the protests of we women who did the decorating that we were too busy on Christmas Eve to spend hours decorating the church, he wouldn't even allow a sprig of holly until after morning mass on Christmas Eve. And... Read more →

Tuesday night. Bad sitcoms but good lentil soup from the freezer made by me two weeks ago and olive bread hauled home from the Cape. Today was on again and off again & on again and off again appointments that just wore me out. I drove to work; drove to my six-month post-op with the knee surgeon (perfect, he told me);drove back to work; drove to court; drove all the way back to where the surgeon was to pick up the dogs from daycare; drove home. When I pulled into the driveway it was already dark. I was so tired... Read more →

We went to the woods; it seems fitting this time of year. The ocean will be there all year long, but right now we are drawn to sounds of leaves crunching underfoot and bright color above. The path is lit with sunlight filtered through the branches. The path is soft, layered with the leaves of a thousand years. So much to smell, investigate, poke your noses in and take a sniff. The quiet is as magnificent as the sound of the waves crashing on the shores. The woods are our cathedral, a passing gull our cantor. Raise your voice in... Read more →

Today isour Friday because my husband and I are taking tomorrow off to go to Cape Cod for three days. If you knew my husband, you understand how remarkable this is because he can never take a day off. So I am very excited to have this unexpected 3-day weekend, especially because we haven't been to The Cottage in about 2 months. The Princess and The Fiance started off for the Cape last weekend. After an hour in the car they only had gone about 15 miles, so they turned around and came home. Traffic is insane anywhere on a... Read more →

Post-Edit: Ma cheries, to clear up a tiny misunderstanding, I am not sending out hand-painted Christmas cards; I am painting a card and having them printed. Although I would love to send you each an original, even The Empress will be getting a print! Mr. Pom is none too pleased. We haven't been to the Cape in about six weeks. We had planned to go last weekend, but several events kept us home, not the least of which was the nor-easter snowstorm that stretched from Baltimore to Maine. Secretly, however, I love staying home. Mr. Pom would say I am... Read more →