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Where are you going for New Year's, New Year's Eve? I hope it's glamorous. Who are you wearing? Are you going long? Or short? Don't forget - accessories make the woman! And the pumpkin, apparently. Remember: a lady always needs a place to put a lipstick and a dime for the phone! Though I rarely find I need to call a cab when I'm slurping homemade soup for supper. And the pups and dottie angel really don't care if I fuss with my hair. So instead of painting my face, I'm painting some pages. Tripping the light fantastic will only... Read more →

Mr. Pom was in a mighty tizzy. In Massachusetts, The Jets vs. Giants game was not to be broadcast on Christmas Eve. Aside from the birth of you know who, the thing he was looking forward to on Christmas Eve was the hours from 1 to 4, which were in his words "The Game Blackout". This meant that none of us were to disturb him, the TV, or his view and hearing of the TV during The Game. So when we got to Cape Cod and found out that no one in Massachusetts was interested in the game and thus... Read more →

I hope by now that you have trimmed the tree wrapped the gifts baked the cookies sent the cards broke open the eggnog mulled the wine and lit the candles. If not, then put on some music put up your feet put up with the in laws and put up no fuss Christmas is just about here and there's no time left to do more than cheer. A Very Merry Christmas to All of You From the Staff of Pomegranates and Paper That is to say, Love from Me. Read more →

One of my last essays for Cloth, Paper, Scissors was about "leaping" to new levels in creativity. I wrote about taking myself in hand and finally acknowledging my new self both creatively and physically. The artwork that was published with it is not the one above. This was my first concept but I didn't like it as much and did another. I found it in a portfolio and hung it in my cleaned up studio. It's grown on me as I keep looking at that word. 2012 is my time to leap. I wrote one of the last chapters of... Read more →

The best of intentions go astray, I am afraid. The six weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year's encompasses 3 major holidays, our anniversary, Mr. Pom's birthday, and Micalangela's. I take a deep breath and dive in and know by now that I will resurface somewhere around January when life will seem oh so boring and sad and ....sane. But here I am and the weather has finally turned cold and now it feels like only 12 days until Christmas. My Christmas cards finally were sent by the printer and I plan to spend tomorrow night addressing them to all of... Read more →

Life isn't all candy canes ova heah. There is other things like Mr. Pom's birthday TODAY and the concert we went to Monday night, and the fact that my house suddenly smells like Eau de Dog no matter what I do. Also, the lovely navy and cream striped Anne Cramer long "Flynn" skirt? No longer available. Seems that there was a production quality issue, so they pulled all the navy and cream ones. However, they assure me that the new spring line will be out in plenty of time for the wedding and there will be other lovely long Flynns... Read more →

No, you did not miss Day 3. I did. But I know you will forgive me because I was in the city have an amazingly wonderful Christmassy time with my friends. More on that later when I have a chance to upload the photos. Signs of this season are not all red and green. Even if it is the Second Sunday in Advent, this Sunday has been all business. I cleaned up two days' worth of dishes (mysterious occurrence since all that was eaten under this roof on Friday was a plate of cheese and crackers and I was out... Read more →

There is a constant tension in this house between our love for the sea and our love for the seasons. We anticipate spring, revel in summer, savor the bittersweet chocolate of autumn, and mourn winter. Underlying it all is the pull of the ocean on us like our personal tides, rising and falling each week in intensity. My husband and the eldest both are shunning the approaching holiday, declaring that they are not done with summer yet. My temptation is to say, "Snap out of it!", but really, I understand the conflict. We compromise by hanging fish and mermaids amidst... Read more →