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Waiting for Peapod to deliver the groceries. Not what you want to be doing at 8:20 on a Tuesday, but all in all, not much else to do since it is a Tuesday. Making dinner would have been nice, but no food, so we are eating grocery store square pizza slices. You know, the kind that tastes like cardboard topped with sugary tomatoes and glue. The dogs, ah, the dogs. We are trying to keep them home more and at the expensive daycare less. We have a dogwalker that is half the price of daycare, but on a price per... Read more →

I am getting ready to go to Tracy Stilwell's and Linda Willis's art retreat in Rhode Island. We went last winter and had the most marvelous time. It may have been the best art retreat I ever went on. I don't do well in crowds. Even as a teacher, I feel overwhelmed by a large art gathering and often lose myself in the crowd. I am more comfortable being invisible, taking a class quietly, eating by myself, and sitting somewhere and sketching before going to bed in my hotel room early. But since I met this wonderful group of women... Read more →

Getting out of Dodge by the skin of my teeth. Took yesterday off due to big ol' sinus headache. After the usual two-day cocktail of Advil/Aleve, Claritin D, nasal spray, and Mucinex, my head is not pounding and I can walk around without shaking. (We are timed up here with sinus issues the way some families are time up with their periods.) The Princess is waiting for her antibiotic to be delivered and I expect Micalangela to call me any minute to say her throat is scratchy and ears itchy. But enough! I am going up to my favorite small... Read more →

January. The lean days. The cold, grey days. Penitential days. More austere than Lent. More remorseful than Ash Wednesday. All those late nights; money spent; wine bottles in the recycle bin; pastries eaten by the light of the refrigerator door; surfaces sticky with candy cane residue. We purge, cleanse, fast, juice, run, jump, and throw out the white flour, sugar, and caffeine. But what if you have a birthday in January? Party and candy tray by sister Maria What's a girl to do? (No, not me.) After all, you still need to eat. Yep, some people have birthdays in January.... Read more →

Busy, busy weekend. Lots of wedding prep going on, especially with The Bride f/k/a The Princess is out of town. Can't tell you what I did cause she has a way of ferreting these things out and I at least have to make it hard for her and not just plain ol' write it on the blog. I feel like I haven't blogged regularly since....when? So I am still doing holiday catch up posts and other trivia that I found amusing and/or delightful and never got to tell about. Office Holiday Decorating Contest or That From Which I Am Banned... Read more →

Oh, don't worry I'm not going to do an overdue Christmas post about the holiday when I was a child. I am going to do an overdue Christmas post about THIS Christmas. Do you think that is ridiculous? I feel a little silly, but this is the speed at which I get around to things these days. Actually, blame these two: Large dog poking his nose around in my tiny studio in case I'd forgotten that the plastic bag on my desk had an apple in it. Can be found most nights on my legs with the intent to knock... Read more →

Breathing a big sigh of relief that first post-holiday week is over. Work was quiet and not too stressful. Totally unsuccessful at getting back to healthy eating, but I expected that and this week is the reality check. Absolutely lovely dinner last night at Sister #5's house for Sister #2's birthday. So sweet to sit around the table all night with the nieces and nephews, now all growing up or grown up and see their beautiful faces and have funny and fascinating conversations. Pics to come another time as I have, once again, mislaid my camera cable. As predicted, now... Read more →

The adorable young woman who greeted us at Jingle Market So far, 2012, easy peasy! Work was quiet. Lunchtime was devoted to all things wedding prep. I made several meals on Sunday, so not only is dinner made, but they have a choice of chicken soup, manicotti, or pot roast. The dogs are exhausted from doggie day camp and are sleeping on various beds around the house. And, drum roll, please ..................................... I wrote several chapters in The Book this weekend! What? you thought I was going to say I finished it? Cucciolo and I put on the funny hats... Read more →

(This photo is devoid of relevancy to this post but if you don't put a cute pic for your FB account, no one reads your posts.) I have tried to write this post four times. The first, I hated; the second, the dog threw himself over the keyboard, demanding my attention; the third, Micalangela came home and in his excitement, the dog knocked my laptop onto the ground and it closed down; and now, I hit the wrong key and the last four paragraphs disappeared. I think the Universe is talking to me. I am listening. This is the end... Read more →